The Escapists 2 – How to Escape From H.M.S. Orca


How to Escape From H.M.S. Orca

Scuba Doo (Solo) – For this you need to make your way through the ship, collecting an oxygen tank, duct tape and tubing, and exit via the top floor of the ship, where there is a gap on the side where they would normally have a bridge for people to disembark from. You will dive into the water and escape.


Wave Goodbye! (Solo) – Simple really, at the bottom floor, to the right of the ship is a jet ski, use a bolt and some tubing to fix it and leave the ship.


Masters Of Illution (Co-op) – For this you need to make a fake gun. Find the items to make it through the ship including the co op area to the left of the cells. This will include Wax, Soap, A lighter, Meal tray and some ink. Once combined together one piece at a time from the Wax soap, to the model of the gun to a inked gun model, make your way to the top floor of the ship. Co op through the door towards to back (east) and GET TO THE CHOPPER!


Taking Back Control – Simple but can be challenging, make your way to the top floor, to the west this time and defeat the guards in the control room till they all are unconscious, and then escape. It may help to knock out the first guy by the cells and take their uniform and baton and wait till your heat is below 80 to sneak past the rest of the guards relaatively easily. Taking the red key on this mission will NOT cause a lockdown.


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