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The Escapists 2 – How to Escape From K.A.P.O.W. Camp


How to Escape From K.A.P.O.W. Camp

Tip – Get a guard uniform or move the desks to the room to the right to search them without fear of being caught by the camera.




Speed Mcqueen – Fairly simple actually, for this you will need a screwdriver, 3 paint cans and your fists. First beat up a guard and hope he has some mints on him. Next search the desks for a yellow energy drink, the screwdriver we need and some paint cans. Craft a makeshift ladder with the paint cans and an energy thruster with the mints and energy drink. Finally go to the shed bottom left of the cells and place the ladder under the vents. Climb up and unscrew the vents till you get to the bike and fix the thing.




Glide To Victory – This can be fast or slow depending on how lucky you are. The more players the faster this one can go. Have someone reach an intelligence of 60 and find a guard who has a CYAN KEY CARD for later. Next build 1 Glider skin and 2 Half Frame of Glider. Finally bring somethings to break down some walls. Good pickaxes, hammers or other tools may help (even plastic forks for 1% remaining walls) Once you have everything secured away, beat up a guard and make that copy of his key card and begin the escape attempt once your heat is low and the time is right.


Head to the castle to the right of the cells, circle round the north side to avoid the contraband detectors and head to the 2nd floor. Use the CYAN key card on the door and let your friends through, and have them push the button for you. Head up and follow the path till you reach a staging area. Use the plane parts your crafted and rebuild it. Finally, get your tools out and destroy the damaged walls blocking it’s flight path. (Note: Do not walk out of the walls once they have been knocked down otherwise you will be stuck till you are arrested. Press F4 then F1 to speed this process up.) Once the walls are down, hop in the plane and escape.

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