The Escapists 2 – How to Escape From Rattlesnake Springs


How to Escape From Rattlesnake Springs

-The first escape Perimeter Breakout is just like on center perks. You simply have to escape off the edge of the map not using a unique escape. You can do this by chipping through walls, cutting fences or digging. There is not a really easy way to escape the perimeter on this one but i am sure walking around you can find a weak point you can easily break through. I am being told as well digging for the mine exit can be an easy way to escape if you do not wish to make the cutters or a pickaxe.



-The Zip It Up escape requires you to build a crossbow (the recipe is in the crafting menu) using timber, string, glue, bolts and a dowel (the dowel is very hard to find and from what I can gather the only way to get it is to buy it). After making the crossbow you have to make a plastic red key using puddy (talcum powder and toothpaste) and melted plastic. Next you will have to go to the north of the map and you will see stairs leading upwards. You must find a way to get to these stairs either by breaking down a wall, using the vents, or using a red key then continue to go up them. This should take you to the roof where you can use the crossbow to escape off the west side of the roof.



-The Take Out The Trash escape requires you to obtain many different items making it a time consuming escape. I recommend doing this escape with as few people as possible because the items required to escape can take awhile to come by (in my test it took about 12 days to get enough supplies for 3 people). You are first going to have to obtain a cyan keycard copy. You can do this by getting a circuit board and wire, finding the guard with the keycard, making the copy, then putting the keycard back. (Make sure you put the keycard back or else bad things can happen). I am unsure if it is possible but if you were to get the trash disposal job (south side of the map) you may be able to break through the wall instead of getting the keycard. Next you will need a hankerchief, tubing, 2 tape, and a garbage bag for each player. Once you have these items you will need to craft a breathing mask and a breathable garbage bag for each player. Give each player one breathable garbage bag and head to the south side of the map near the garbage disposal job to the left of the canteen. From here have one player hold the door open with the keycard, the other will go in and use the button to let the other player in. You must then equip your breathable garbage bag and press e on the garbage bin and escape.

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