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The Escapists 2 – How to Escape From U.S.S. Anomaly


How to Escape From U.S.S. Anomaly


Race From Space – For this escape you might need to do a ton of fighting and an have an intelligence of 60. Beat up the guards till you find who has the RED Key. Take a uniform whilst you are at it and store it away for later. Once you have found your target, don on your new officer uniform and search desks till you get the materials needed to putty and molten plastic. Be sure to keep your uniform safe when taking the red key for copying and get that mould into your hidden compartment before you are captured.

Once your heat is at zero and you have your false red key, put on your officer uniform again, and head to the right of your cells, into the CCTV room, walking past the guards into the contraband area and stealing the Jetpack. The exit is in the warden’s office to the left of the cells. Behind RED doors and Contraband detectors, protected by guard dogs, so drop your fake red key after walking through the red doors to get in there so you dont trigger any alarms and in the top left of the warden’s office is your escape button.

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