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The Escapists 2 – K.A.P.O.W Camp – Glide to Victory


The Escapists 2 – K.A.P.O.W Camp – Glide to Victory

(Multiplayer only)


  • Reach 70 intellect.


  • Craft 1 Sturdy pickaxe and lightweight pickaxe or better.


  • Craft a Cyan Keycard.


  • Find four dowels (2 in the multiplayer room north of the map), two rolls of duct tape, one rope, two bedsheets.


  • Craft 2 Half Frames of Glider and 1 Glider Skin (recipes below).


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The Escape:

  • Grab your two pickaxes, two half-frames of the glider, one glider skin, and cyan keycard (you can split it with your friend), and head upstairs to the area shown in the picture.




  • Get inside using the cyan keycard and head up.


  • When you’re up, head east to see a broken wall, start mining it. Be careful not to step outside, as the prison will instantly go into lockdown.




  • After you mine all the marked blocks, just interact with the stage with the glider parts to assemble the glider. Escape.




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