The Escapists 2 – K.A.P.O.W Camp – Timetable Schedule


K.A.P.O.W Camp – Timetable Schedule

This guide is designed to help you quickly look at what times you need to go to rollcall or work in the kitchen. A good escapist knows exactly when to escape, and with this guide you can too!


08:00 Rollcall (1h)
09:00 Breakfast Time (1h)
10:00 Job Time (2h)
12:00 Exercise Time (1h)
13:00 Free Time (4h)
17:00 Dinner Time (1h)
18:00 Job Time (2h)
20:00 Shower Time (1h)
21:00 Free Time (2h)
23:00 Rollcall (1h)
24:00 Lights Out (8h)

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