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The Escapists 2 – Schedules

24 August 2017, Thursday, 23:25:02


Each prison has a schedule that you must follow, the schedule is different from prison to prison but each prison starts and ends they day with a Role Call. Whatever the current schedule is will be shown right under your mini-map next to the time, along with a yellow arrow that will guide you to the place your supposed to be going. Not showing up to a scheduled area will result in the security of the prison to be raised by half of a star UNLESS it is Role Call, missing Role Call is VERY BAD and will raise you to an INSTANT 5 STARS and put the whole prison in lockdown. During lockdown all of the prisoners will be sent to their cells except for whoever missed rolecall, who will be chased down and beat down. To make sure none of that happens all you have to do is show up to the required scheduled area, you know you have done this when a green checkmark appears next to the name. You do not have to stay in the area the entire time, once the green checkmark is there you can roam and do whatever even during Role Call.

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