The Escapists 2 – Security



Security is measured by the five stars under the schedule and is increased by suspicious activity such as not showing up for schedules and damage done to the prison. As security increases certain things happen in the prison.


1 Star – More Guards
2 Stars – Dogs are released
3 Stars – Even More Guards
4 Stars – More Dogs
5 Stars – SWAT Team


Security goes up half a star per player when they miss a non Roll Call schedule. Security goes up a few stars when damage is found on the prison (a missing wall or a damaged airvent and such). Security goes up to 5 stars when Roll Call is missed or a prisoner is caught actively damaging the prison. When 5 stars is reached the prison enters lockdown. The bright side is that when lockdown is finished the prison goes back down to 0 stars. Security also decreased by a few stars after each night.

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