The Escapists 2 – The Skill Bar


The Skill Bar

The skill bar is a set of three skills that directly effect your characters ability to perform actions and create useful items in the prison. All of these skills are increased by going to a specific area and performing a skill increasing mini-game. These three skills are Strength, Fitness, and Intellect.


Strength is a measure of how hard your characters hits in combat. Strength is increased at the gym and is only useful if your escape plan involves knocking out a lot of inmates or a guard. An important note is that high strength is not REQUIRED to knock out a guard, it only makes the task easier.


Fitness is a measure of how much stamina is used to perform certain actions. Stamina like strength is increased at the gym. High stamina means that you can fight or use tools longer without having to stop to rest. This skill is arguably the most useful to max because almost any escape plan will involve using tools or fighting. Stamina is almost a necessity if your going to be doing any digging at night because resting in your bed at night will speed up the night making it very hard to restore stamina during the night (unless your in multiplayer in which the night will only speed up if everyone lies in a bed at once).


Intellect is a measure of your characters ability to make certain items. If you open your inventory with “C” then you probably will notice that many items are locked behind an intellect requirement. Intellect unlike the other two skills is not raised at the gym but is instead increased at bookshelves throughout most prisons. Intellect in my opinion is the most useful of the three skills and should be maxed on almost any run as the high intellect items are very useful.

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