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The Evil Within 2 – How To Unlock The Letterbox Mode

14 October 2017, Saturday, 23:35:45


How To Unlock The Letterbox Mode

After completing the story mode for the first time — on any difficulty level — you’ll unlock Letterbox Mode in the game options.


In the title screen go to: Options – HUD Display Settings – General – Letterbox – SHOW.

Now start a NEW GAME for “That Cinematic Feel”.


It’s described as follows: “Toggle cinematic letterboxing on, just like in the good old days. This change is aesthetic in nature and will not change the game’s output resolution or aspect ratio.”


Here’s a video showing the Classic Letterbox Mode:


[vsw id=”45fGn_58HhU” source=”youtube” width=”630″ height=”414″ autoplay=”no”]




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