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The Evil Within 2 – How To Unlock The New Game Plus & New Outfits

14 October 2017, Saturday, 23:31:41


How To Unlock The New Game Plus & New Outfits

After completing the story mode for the first time — on any difficulty level — you’ll unlock new features for you to explore, including new gear and outfits for Sebastian. Keep in mind that your difficulty level will have an impact on what you get in New Game Plus.

“After finishing up your playthrough of The Evil Within 2, you’ll unlock new weapons based on the difficulty you finished the game on. On the following playthrough, the amount of Green Gel and Weapon Parts you’ll find are increased to help you upgrade Sebastian and maybe try to find those last remaining files and locker keys hidden throughout Union. And who knows… maybe depending on what you did during your first playthrough, Sebastian may be looking a bit different on his second run through the game.”



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