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The Fall Part 2: Unbound PC Keyboard Controls

2 February 2018, Friday, 20:49:11


PC Keyboard Controls

A and D will let you walk left and right. W and S will let you climb up and down ladders as well as navigate up and down menus. Space will jump. E will enter cover or activate your camouflage cloak. Holding down the right mouse button will allow you to aim (or toggle aim if you have that setting enabled from the in-game options menu), and whilst aiming at an interaction point, Left Shift will allow you to interact with stuff. Whilst aiming, F will toggle between flashlight and targeting modes (looking and shooting), when not aiming and standing behind an enemy, it’ll perform a “stealth takedown” move.

Saves are done automatically (some small text will appear on the bottom right of the screen to let you know when your game will be saved).

There should be prompts as you play the game which tell you what the controls are. Not all of those controls are available from the outset – some are unlocked through small tutorial sequences, and others are unlocked as a part of the narrative.


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