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The Fishing Club 3D – Bait Crafting Guide

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New fish types have appeared at all fishing locations. One type is of a whitish color that reminded Alfie of albino rabbits. Hence he named those fish albinos. The other ones are exceptionally big, often bigger than giant ones. On top of that, anglers have spotted five new legendary fishes: Muddy Waters is a mirror carp roaming Black Pike Lake. The legendary northern pike Greywolf haunts Lake Coho. Deadringer is a legendary Mahi-Mahi that looks like a dolphin and has been spotted in San Marcos. Simba, the legendary lionhead, has been sighted in the Virongo River. Last but not least, there is Sparky, a legendary bluefish along the Coral Coast that stands out because of its electric blue color.


You cannot buy baits in the shop to catch albinos, exceptional fishes, or the new legendary ones. Instead, you have to craft those baits yourself. So how does that work? With this update come over 200 recipes for new baits. Some recipes you will get from Alfie and his friends when you complete their quests. Other recipes you can find as bycatch if you catch fish with baits you have crafted yourself.


Every recipe requires you to use different ingredients in various quantities to craft baits. You can get ingredients from three different sources: Firstly, you can find ingredients as bycatch from any fish. Secondly, you can recycle most of the baits you already have in your inventory, including the baits you have crafted yourself. If you want to recycle a bait, just click or tap on the little recycling button below the bait picture in your inventory. You can now choose how many pieces of the bait you want to recycle. Every bait can produce a variety of ingredients in different amounts. The more powerful a bait the higher the quality of ingredients it can produce. Thirdly, you will receive ingredients every time you reach a new crafting skill level.


Crafting skill levels are completely independent of your XP or Club XP levels. Every player will start at Crafting Skill Level 1. When you craft baits, you will receive Crafting Skill Points. How many points you will get depends on the Crafting Skill Level of the recipe. For example, if you have reached Crafting Skill Level 10 and the recipe requires a Crafting Skill Level of 10, you will get 100% of Crafting Skill Points. If the recipe’s required level is lower, you will receive fewer points because crafting those recipes is very easy.


On the other hand, if the recipe’s required level is higher, the crafting process might fail. In that case, you will lose some of the ingredients used. However, if you craft a higher-level recipe, you will receive many more Crafting Skill Points. It is up to you if you want to risk it. The game will tell you how high the chance is that the crafting might fail. You can then decide if you want to continue crafting or wait until you increase your crafting skill level.


All recipes you collect are added to your recipe book. You can open the recipe book from the menu bar either on the right side of the game screen if you play the desktop version or from the bottom menu bar in the mobile version. The recipe book allows you to filter the recipes in various ways. For example, it can display only recipes for which you have collected all required ingredients already. You can also filter by fish species and type. On top of that, you can add recipes to your list of favorites by clicking or tapping the heart icon.


When you open your recipe book, you will see an overview of all the recipes you have collected so far and those still missing. You can hide the missing recipes if you want. However, there is nothing more satisfying than completing sets of recipes. The numbers on the bottom right corner of a recipe show you how many of the different ingredients you already own in the required amounts.


Click or tap on a recipe to see its details. You can browse the recipe details by swiping left or right on mobile or clicking on the arrow button in the desktop version of the game.


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