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The Forest Cheats

30 April 2018, Monday, 14:34:59


How to Found The Artifact Legit

To be able to obtain the artefact without cheating it is very simple! It is enough to go to the second artefact, to look on your right, there is a computer which shows a message in red, activate it, it is going to switch off the artefact, (you will never save Timmy) then, you can perceive by wanting to bring out a rope, hold this location, now go out of the cave (in the passage you will unlock the tab family in the survival book), go in the boat and open the door ho is locked with one of the keycards that you found in the laboratory, take the small artefact on the bed, return at the rope in the cave of the end of the game, go down and put the artefact in the pedestal,



When the artefact is activated red (left click) the cannibals are attracted.

When the artefact is activated blue (right click) the cannibals are fear of it.


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