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The Forest – The Best Location for Creating a Safe Camp

13 May 2018, Sunday, 14:21:00

The Best Location for Creating a Safe Camp

This spot is the best location for creating a safe camp away from the cannibals and mutants.



What You Need To Know

This spot is an excellent place to setup camp. Having survived there for over 30 days and counting, I’ve had no problems with Cannibals or Mutants.


Where Is It?

You can find this spot just off the coast, ideally situated between two of the key areas on the Island.



How To Make This Camp Work

In order to make the camp work, you’re going to need to know the limitations of being on a smaller island.


What resources does it actually have in abundance?

-Small Rocks


In addition to that, this particular area seems to get rain fairly often. However, like most places in-game it can go through some dry patches.


The abundance of food makes this camp a dream, since you’re not going to need to resort to cannibalism at any point. This protects your sanity and allows you in general to survive longer since you aren’t progressively creating more aggro mobs.


The benefit of surviving the first 30+ days are the increases you’ll get in your Strength & Athleticism stats which can make completing the game a lot easier. Or just generally dealing with mobs in caves a lot easier.



How to overcome the lack of certain resources

There’s no way around the fact that you’re going to need to bring logs and sticks to the island on a raft.

Initially you can use a small raft, but eventually you’ll want to build your way up to using larger rafts. These rafts offer you more opportunity to build more log holders and stick holders.

This is the most challenging aspect of this spot, since it’s very time consuming. That being said, it’s worth the safety you’ll have for the effort.



Getting Around

It goes without saying that you need rafts to get around, swimming to and from shore isn’t only energy inefficient, but there are sharks in this area.

This camp is in the vicinity of at least 4 caves, all within a 5 minute travel time. Additionally there is access nearby to great hunting areas for Boar, Deer and Rabbits. Lizards are generally found all over the island, but you can find these nearby as well.

Safest spot in the game for those who want to play the long game, or simply those who want to survive while still having Cannibals enabled in the game.


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