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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel – Recipes Guide





Recipe NameWhen it’s AvailableWhere to Get it

Simple Omelet – Ch 1 – April 18th – Initial recipe that comes with the Recipe Book.


Sweet Cookie – Ch 1 – April 24th – Speak to Margot at the Weathercock Inn on April 24th


Whole Juice – Ch 1 – April 24th – Speak to Tisel in the Farmhouse located on East Celdic Highway – April 24-25th


Tomato Sandwich – Ch 2 – May 29th – Recipe book “Manly Munchies – Sandwich” bought from Keynes’ Bookstore on May 29th


Savory Herb Tea – Ch 2 – May 29th – Speak to Lorna at the Noble District – Residence #2 – 2F on May 29th


Cream Chowder – Ch 2 – May 30th – Complete the Quest “Bite of Nostalgia”


Berry Tart – Ch 3 – June 20th – Speak to Hanna who is located in the House southeast of Trista on June 20th


Milk Porridge – Ch 3 – June 27th – Speak to Sheeda at the Worzel Home of the Nord Settlement on June 27th


Crispy Pizza – Ch 3 – June 27th – Speak to Marx at the cafeteria section of Zender Gates on June 27th


Roasted Coffee – Ch 4 – July 18th – Recipe book “Manly Munchies – Coffee” bought from Keynes’ Bookstore on July 18th


Tomato Gratin – Ch 4 – July 24th – Speak to Rinoie, the clerk that works at Weston House (Inside Plaza Bifrost, west) on July 24th


Fried Fish – Ch 4 – July 25th – Speak to Gamgee at Gamgee’s Pub (Ost District) on July 25th after watching Machias Event


Custard Pudding – Ch 5 – August 22nd – Speak to Ramsay at the Student Union Building – Kitchen area on August 22nd


Refreshing Pasta Soup – Ch 5 – August 28th – Speak to Seria twice at the Aprikose Inn on August 28th


Hashed Beef Rice – Ch 5 – August 31st – Examine the notes on the table located at Garrelia Fortress – Barracks (Southwest room) (August 31st)


Stamina Steak – Ch 6 – September 19th – Recipe book “Manly Munchies – Steak” bought from Keynes’ Bookstore on September 19th


Tomato Cocktail – Ch 6 – September 25th – Speak to Almina twice at Dining Bar “F” (Roer 2F, south end) on September 25th


Mixed Gelato – Ch 7 – October 21st – Speak to Casper on the Main Building 2F on October 21st (Noon).


Filling Hotpot – Ch 7 – October 23rd – Notebook at School Library. Can be found on October 23rd


Handmade Hamburger – Ch 7 – October 23rd – Speak to Nicolas at the EC Room (Main Building 2F, Southeast) on October 23rd (Evening).


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