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The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild How To Get The Best and Unique Items Guide

4 March 2017, Saturday, 21:31:52


Getting the unbreakable Master Sword
The unbreakable Master Sword is one of the best weapons in the game. It cannot be damaged and does not have a durability meter. However, it does have a cool down period before it can be used again in combat after it has been depleted of its charges. The Master Sword can be found in a grove inside the Great Hyrule Forest, northeast of Central Hyrule. To reach the area, go through the Woodland Stable and continue on the path until you reach the Lost Woods. Then, travel towards the Korok Forest. While at the entrance to the forest, light a torch at the nearby brazier. The torch flame will tilt in certain directions; follow the directions of the flame. However, the forest is filled with fog that can teleport you back to the start. Whenever it seems to be thickening around you, retrace your steps back a bit to avoid the fog. The flame will eventually guide you to where the sword is stuck inside a stone. To collect the Master Sword, you will need 13 heart containers.


Getting the Hylian Shield
The Hylian Shield is located inside Hyrule Castle, which is one of the most difficult areas in the game and the final dungeon. However, you do not actually have to complete the rest of the game to get the shield and can go to the castle as soon as you complete the tutorial and enter the open world. Once you reach Hyrule Castle, go towards its back by looping around the castle until you are on the hills behind it. There is a broken bridge near the castle’s back; go to the west side of the bridge. At the broken bridge, jump down and glide until you reach the luminous stones in the distance. Just before those stones is an easy to reach platform that spirals towards the water. At the top of the spiral platform is a Guardian that can be quite difficult to defeat unless you are a higher level. Once you are at the top of the ramp and facing the Guardian, run past it through the door and enter the castle, avoiding damage from the Guardian. As soon as you enter the door, hug the nearest wall to avoid the Guardian and reset it. Once the Guardian goes back to its place, proceed further towards the gate in front of you. Use the Cryonis Rune to lift up the gate and get through it. You will enter a prison area with lots of enemies locked in cells after passing through the gate. At the end of this area is a side room that you can enter to wake up a skeletal boss, Stalnox. Defeat Stalnox to get the Hylian Shield. The best way to defeat it is by targeting its eye with ranged attacks until it falls, then hit it with the sword. An upgraded Stasis Rune also helps by freezing it in one location and making it easier to hit the eye. If you already have obtained the Master Sword, it will be easier to defeat Stalnox since the weapon gets double attack power inside Hyrule Castle. Once Stalnox has been defeated, a loot chest that contains the Hylian Shield will appear. The Hylian Shield is the most iconic shield in The Legend Of Zelda series and has been shown in the artwork for pretty much every game.


Getting the Dark Link costume
As you progress through the game, you will meet Kilton, the traveling monster merchant. He only takes monster parts. Killing monsters will reward you with monster part items (tails, eyes, bones, guts, fangs, horns, etc.) that can be traded to Kilton. Trade the indicated number of monster parts to get the corresponding piece of Dark Link gear:

Dark Hood (3 defense): 1,999 mon
Dark Trousers (3 defense): 999 mon
Dark Tunic (3 defense): 999 mon
To quickly get monster parts (and lots of good gear), fight Hinox and Lynel. Hinox are giant cyclops creatures that are tough, but worth fighting. Even early in the game, they drop 4-5 Hinox Toenails that sell for 18 mon per drop. They are found throughout the game. Lynel are centaurs that are end-game enemies that drop Guts (100 mon), Horns (20 mon), and Hoofs (30 mon). They appear in the Akkala region, and taking Kilton side quests is a good way to find and fight Lynels. Once you obtain all three pieces of the Dark Link costume, you will get the “Night Speed Up” set bonus that allows Link to move faster at night. Dark Link first appeared in The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening as the final Boss. Dark Link also appeared as a mini-Boss in The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.


Getting the Warm Doublet
The Warm Doublet is a special piece of clothing that provides unlimited protection from cold weather status effects. Go to the Old Man’s house south of the Temple Of Time in the Great Plateau. At the southern edge, read the diary inside the house with the cook pot outside. The diary describes a special recipe for “Spicy Meat and Seafood Fry”. Cook this recipe, then talk to the Old Man, saying “I cooked something” to get the Warm Doublet. The diary does not reveal the Spicy Meat and Seafood Fry recipe. To cook it, you need the following ingredients: Spicy Pepper, Raw Meat, and Hyrule Bass. Spicy Peppers are found in the southern region of the Great Plateau. Look near the Old Man’s house, or growing on the path up to the River Of The Dead. Raw Meat drops from wild boars in the Forest Of Spirits. Crouch and sneak close, then carefully aim an arrow to kill them with one shot. They will run away if they detect you. Hyrule Bass are found in the waters between the Great Plateau Tower and Oman Au Shrine. Swim toward them from the deep and herd them toward the beach to trap them. After collecting the items, select the ingredients from your inventory and place them into a cooking pot. There is one located outside the Old Man’s house. After creating the recipe, speak with the Old Man to get the Warm Doublet. Equip the flimsy armor to explore the Mount Hylia region without taking damage from the cold weather.

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