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The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Memories Locations Guide

3 March 2017, Friday, 20:37:43


Memories locations
During one of the main quests, you will travel to Kakariko Village and speak with Impa. If you are finished with Hateno Ancient Tech Lab and Purah, you should be able to get 12 camera pictures on your Sheikah Slate. These 12 pictures basically point to old places and contain memories of Link and Zelda. This will start the “Ancient Memories” quest where you are asked to find all the memories in order to discover your past. Search the indicated locations to find all memories. Note: There are five memories that are unmissable because you automatically receive them as you progress through the game.

1. Subdued Ceremony: From Central Hyrule, travel inside Hyrule Field and enter the castle from the main gate. Once inside, go towards the Sacred Ground Ruins to find the memory.

2. Resolve And Grief: From the Great Plateau Tower, travel towards Lake Kolomo in the southern edge of Hyrule Field. From there, travel towards the southwest edge of the lake to see the memory in the distance.

3. Shelter From The Storm: Travel to the northeast edge of Hylia’s bridge and towards the lake. Once there, travel towards the nearby river and onto a hill with a visible tree. Climb the tree to recover the memory. The memory is basically located on the Hills of Baumer that overlook Lake Hylia.

4. Zelda’s Resentment: Travel towards the Ancient Columns that are located on the west side of Tabantha Great Bridge or the south side of Piper Ridge. Once there, you can see a Shrine Of Trial with the memory located in front of it.

5. Blades Of The Yiga: Travel from the Gerudo Desert Gateway to Gerudo Town to find the Kara Kara Bazaar; the memory is located on the right side of the bazaar.

6. A Premonition: It is located in Eldin Canyon, near Death Mountain. Travel to the east side of Woodland Tower and Minshi Woods to reach the area. Once there, proceed up the hills to find the memory.

7. Silent Princess: Travel towards the east side of the Monya Toma Shrine and Serenne Stable to be near the Irch Plain. Once there, you should be able to easily locate the memory.

8. Father And Daughter: It is located inside Hyrule Castle, inside the Western Keep. Go to the second floor and into a walkway that will lead directly to the memory.

9. Slumbering Power: Travel to North Akkala Valley from Ordorac Quarry to find the Spring Of Power; the memory is located nearby.

10. To Mount Lanaryu: Travel to Sanidin Park Ruins. Explore the area until you find a large statue with the memory nearby.

11. Return Of Calamity Ganon: Travel to Naydra Snowfield, then proceed into the Lanaryu Promenade. From there, go towards the east side of the area to see the memory in the distance.

12. Despair: Travel to the northeast edge of the Bottomless Swamp, near the east side of Hyrule Field. In this area, you will come across a small forested section that contains the memory.

13. Zelda’s Awakening: Once you have recovered all 12 memories, return to Impa to learn the location of the final memory.

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