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The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Shrine Locations and Puzzle solutions

3 March 2017, Friday, 20:29:34


Shrine locations and puzzle solutions
Shrines Of Trials are dungeons with puzzles and obstacles. There are over a hundred Shrines Of Trials in the game. Activate the Sheikah Towers to make finding new shrines easier. Reach the monks inside the shrines to get a Spirit Orb. Shrines also contain other rewards and runes that add new abilities to the Sheikah Slate. The following is a list of the shrine locations, puzzle solutions, and how to complete the trials.


Great Plateau Shrines

Oman Au Shrine: It is located north of the Resurrection Tower. After entering the shrine, place the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal on the left side to get the Magnesis Rune. Then, use the Magnesis Rune to displace the metal pieces in the room’s center, and proceed up the stairs into another room. Use the Magnesis Rune again to remove the metallic stones and find a new path. There is a Mini Guardian in the next section. Once done, cross the metal slab to reach the next platform and use the Magnesis Rune to build a new path ahead. There is also a metallic chest on the left side that you can bring to Link using the Magnesis Rune. Finally, pull the metallic door open and speak with the monk to get a Spirit Orb.

Ja Baij Shrine: It is located south of the Resurrection Tower, in the Easter Abbey Ruins. After entering the shrine, place the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal on the left side to get the Remote Bombs. Spherical Bombs are better for rolling down slopes and Square Bombs are better for more precise hits. Break the wall and proceed to the hallway. There is another breakable wall on the right side with a Traveler’s Sword behind it. Go back and destroy two rocks to reveal a ladder. In the next area, place a Square Bomb at the end of the rotating platform. In the next large area, proceed to the platform near the first funnel and place a Spherical Bomb in the funnel to reveal another ladder. The ladder will take you to the monk to get another Spirit Orb. On the opposite side, look for another couple of blocks that extend and retract. Stand on the farthest one to be launched to a chest containing the Soldier’s Bow.

Ke Numut Shrine: It is located at the top of Mount Hylia, south of the Hylia River. After entering the shrine, place the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal on the left side to get the Cryonis Rune that allows you to create icy blocks and platforms from the water. Use the rune to create a pillar and get to the next area by grabbing the ledge. In the next area, use the rune directly underneath the gate to force it open. On the other side of the gate is a Mini Guardian. Once you are in the final area, create ice pillars on both sides of the raised platform to access the upper area. Once you are up, do not proceed to the monk yet; look for a treasure chest in an alcove. Then, get the Spirit Orb from the monk.

Owa Daim Shrine: It is located on the southeastern side of Mount Hylia, at the southern edge of the Great Plateau. After entering the shrine, place the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal on the left side to get the Stasis Rune that allows you to freeze time and build up the momentum of certain objects. When the platform is straight, use the Stasis Rune on the large gear on the left side to get into the next area. However, be careful while doing this because of incoming boulders that can kill you. Wait for one to pass, then use the rune on the next one to reach the next section. There is also a treasure chest on a higher platform. From the first platform, grab the Iron Sledgehammer and equip it. Then, use the Stasis Rune on the boulder and continue hitting it with the Iron Sledgehammer to build its momentum and reveal a new path. The path will lead you across the bridge to the monk for another Spirit Orb.


Central Hyrule Shrines

Dah Kaso Shrine: It is located below the Digdogg Suspension Bridge in southwestern Central Hyrule. The main objective in this shrine is to destroy the spear wielded by the Guardian Scout. As soon as you see him charging it, dodge to the sides. Try dodging back because of the spear’s range. If the Guardian steps back and extends, quickly move behind a pillar to avoid taking any damage. At about 50% HP, the Guardian will add laser attacks. To avoid this, jump into the air, glide, and aim for the eye in order to stun it. Aim for the eye or you will get hit by the attack. Inflict some more damage and the Guardian will turn blue, indicating its final phase. During the final phase, dodge and sprint while inflicting damage. Once you defeat it, grab the Guardian Spear, Ancient Core, and Spirit Orb.

Wahgo Katta Shrine: It is located southeast of Central Hyrule. After entering the shrine, climb the metal crates to find an Amber inside a treasure chest. Stacking the crates does not allow you to reach the monk, which is why you need to stack them against the opposite platform to find a metal slab; use the Magnesis Rune. Then, build a bridge to the monk to get the Spirit Orb.

Kaya Wan Shrine: It is located on the eastern edge of Central Hyrule, north of Wetland Stable. After entering the shrine, use the Cryonis Rune to get past the waterfall. In the next area, there will be a Guardian Scout. Hit it in the eye to quickly kill it. On the right side of the platform, you can see a treasure chest in the water that can be accessed with the Cryonis Rune. The treasure chest contains an Ancient Rune. In the next area are two Guardian Scouts. Since it can be difficult to kill them simultaneously, try to build a platform and use a powerful bow to snipe at them. Then, use the Cryonis Rune underneath the gate on the left side to open it and get the Knight’s Broadsword. Finally, use the wooden shaft in the water to guide it to the end of the waterfall. You can then jump and use the Paraglider to reach the monk and get the Spirit Orb.

Rota Ooh Shrine: It is located west of Central Hyrule, directly above the Outskirt Stable. After entering the shrine, use your bow to hit the yellow switch on the right side, over the water to reveal a new path with a sphere. Before proceeding, locate the hall near the spear to find the Small Key. Once you have grabbed the sphere, shoot the blue switch and open the gate. After the structure tilts back, throw the sphere into the metal screen, right next to the orange switch. Then, hit the switch to reveal another path. While flying, paraglide to the ledge that has a treasure chest to get the Feathered Edge Sword. Finally, check the left side to find a blue switch that allows you to reach the monk and get the Spirit Orb.

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