The Long Dark – Control Shortcuts


Control Shortcuts

There are some shortcut buttons that will frankly make your life easier when it comes to navigating The Long Dark’s menus.



Tab‘ brings up your quick stats. This is how you get general information on how your character is doing. If they’re hungry, cold, thirsty, etc…


-The ‘F‘ key brings up your status. The status screen is where you can find more detailed information on how your character is feeling, such as exactly how many calories are in your stomach and the precise temperature outside.


-The space bar gives you access to your radial menu. The radial menu is basically a quick access. You can eat, drink, start fires and many other things from the radial menu.


-Pressing the ‘i‘ key will bring up your inventory. Knowing what is in your backpack at all times can mean the difference between life or death.


-The ‘M‘ key will bring up your map. You don’t have access to it immediately, but the map can be of great help when it comes to locating many of the hidden supply caches found throughout the world.


-Pressing the ‘J‘ key will bring up your journal. Here is where you will find all the information on your current quests and goals. If you’ve forgotten what you’re supposed to do, take a look at your journal.


And remember, PC players can change any of these shortcuts through the options menu.


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