The Long Dark – Dealing with Afflictions


Dealing with Afflictions
Hypothermia will set in a little under 2 in-game hours after the temperature meter drains completely, assuming that measures aren’t taken to increase temperature. Hypothermia doubles the damage you take from cold and increases exhaustion. You’ll need to spend 24 continuous hours without the temperature meter draining completely to cure it.


Blood Loss
Blood Loss is caused by animal attacks. It can be cured using a bandage. If a bandage is not on hand, it can be crafted by using 1 cloth. Cloth is accquired by breaking down clothing or various objects in the environment (EG: Towels, Curtains).


If the clothing touching a body part is wet / frozen, or a body part spends too much time exposed to outside conditions, it may develop a frostbite risk. If this reaches 100%, you will lose 10% maximum condition. This damage cannot be cured by any means.


Sprained Ankle / Wrist
These will prevent several of your abilities. (Holding weapons and climbing for a sprained wrist, sprinting for a sprained ankle) To cure, you can take painkillers, or make rose hip tea. (Craft prepared rose hips, then cook them). Several hours rest will also cure these afflictions, which helps to save on painkiller/rose hip use.


Cabin Fever

You’ll get this if you spend a majority of your last six days indoors, but only after a delay (Listed below).

Difficulty – Delay (Days)
Pilgrim –  ∞
Voyager – 50
Stalker – 25
Interloper – 0

In order to cure Cabin Fever, you must spend time outdoors until your indoor time is no longer a majority (Over the past six days). Good locations to sleep during this affliction include snow shelters, cars and fishing huts.


Intestinal Parasites
These parasites are present on bear and wolf meat. The more you eat, the more likely you will recieve these parasites.

Every day, they drop your maximum condition by 1%. The parasites also make you more exhausted more quickly.

Parasites must be treated using antibiotics, or drinking relishi tea. You can apply one treatment every 24 hours. Once all of the necessary treatments have been completed, the parasites will be removed.

Difficulty – How many treatments needed to cure?
Pilgrim – No Parasites
Voyager – No Parasites
Stalker – 10
Interloper – 20


“Hibernation” is a strategy where you intentionally sleep through many days at a time.

To perform Hibernation, you will need:
About 1 litre of water for every 24 hours of Hibernation.
About 400 calories of food for every 24 hours of Hibernation.
A warm (preferrably outdoor, to avoid Cabin Fever) place which allows for sleeping. A snow shelter CAN function as this, if there is no better option.

To hibernate, play as normal until your hunger meter empties. Then, pass time/rest until you get the exhaustion penalty.

Then, follow this cycle: Rest 11 hours – Drink Water – Repeat.
If at any point, you drop below 25% condition, eat some food, so you can start to recover condition.

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