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The Long Dark – Dealing with Animals


Dealing with Animals
Rabbits and Deer

Right now deer and rabbits pose zero threat to you. They currently serve to fill your hunger meter, give you crafting items and distract wolves.



Wolves can inflict sprains, deal high damage and ruin your clothing if you are forced to fight them.

They can also pick up your scent if you carry too much raw meat or guts, which increases their ability to find you.

There are many ways of stopping wolves.

-Breaking line of sight – A simple but effective method is to run away, behind an object. The wolf will soon lose interest. However, wolves will close the gap if you merely run on flat ground.
-Enter a door or car – Entering / Exiting a building or car will spare you from any wolf. Wolves also can’t climb ropes, so they can also be used to avoid wolves.
-Throwing flares / torches / stones – In all cases, the wolf may simply go around the projectle if too far away or too close. It’s best to throw at the point they slow down, just before starting a fast charge towards you. If hit directly, they should flee. They are harder to scare with stones compared to flares or torches.
-Using a rabbit or deer as bait – If you can scare a deer or rabbit into a wolf, you can distract the wolf as it eats them.
-Dropping a decoy – If you have food with a strong scent (Usually meat), you can distract the wolf with it, using the “Drop Decoy” option in the menu. You can also press down on the d-pad (controller) or “3” (keyboard).
-Just shoot them – Shooting them in the head will usually score a kill.

If you have to fight, think: What do I want out of this encounter?

-“I don’t want to take much damage!” – You’ll want to use the heavy hammer or a prybar. They won’t take damage, but you won’t take much, either. If that is not on hand, a hatchet is the next best alternative.
-“I want this wolf to die!” – Hunting knives will cause puncture wounds, causing the wolf to bleed out. Hatchets can also kill them.
-“I only have my fists!” – How lucky are you feeling?


Bears have poor senses compared to wolves, so you can get closer. Bears also scare wolves away.

However, some strategies don’t work with bears. You can’t throw stones to scare them, nor can you use animals or meat as a distraction.

Shooting a bear is also a challenge. If you are to attack a bear using a rifle or bow, aim for the left eye for the best chance of a kill. The best weapon to use is a flare gun, which will scare the bear, even if is not killed, assuming the projectile hits at all.

You can’t fight bears. They’ll remove 90% of your current condition, tear apart your clothing and knock your rifle to the floor. They’ll also cause bleeding and sprains. If this happens…
Do. not. try. again.
You may survive one bear mauling, but two is near impossible, due to how low your condition would end up.

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