The Long Dark – Fuel Sources To Strike Up A Survival Fire


Fuel Sources To Strike Up A Survival Fire

Reclaimed wood: Burns as long as cedar firewood (2h/kg ;55min/lbs), used to craft torches and snare traps. You can get it by disassembling furniture, wooden planks, pallets, crates etc.

Sticks: Can be found nearly everywhere or can be obtained from small branches(2) or dead scrubs(7). Burn duration 40min/kg ;18min/lbs

Cedar firewood: Easy to light, easy to find. Burn duration 2h/kg ;55min/lbs

Fir firewood: Rarer than cedar. Burn duration 1,5h/kg ;40min/lbs

Firelog: Very rare, can only be found in or near houses. Burn duration 1h/kg ;27min/lbs

Books: Mostly found in houses. Books are easy to light and therefore an ideal foundation for a fire. Pretty unrealistic, since books are tough to burn. Skill books should be read before you burn them.

Torches: You can also burn torches from your inventory. Thats a big waste of resources, but in case of emergency…

Coal: It’s the fuel with the highest burn duration per weight (3,3h/kg ;81min/lbs) and is mostly found in mines. The fire has to burn for a few minutes until you can add coal. Coal is critical for the forging process.

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