The Long Dark – Milton Safety Deposit Box Keys


Milton Safety Deposit Box Keys

The locations of all keys to deposit boxes in Milton.


An approximate location of each key on the map.




Key №7
You can find the key in the house opposite to the banker’s house in the bedroom. It’s in the box under the bed.


D4E8D4AF-1CE8-482F-96B2-2C9DD69144DD-198-0000000D5692EE90 7D30F9A1-20FE-4351-A78B-935F5A74FBB3-198-0000000D58E04E66



Key №13
Start your way from the bridge (entrance to Milton) and go down the river to the next wooden bridge not far from the farm. Then go down, down, down the river (almost to breakage) and turn left. You’ll see the corpse and backpack. Search the corpse and the key is yours! P. S. The crows circling above the corpse will help in finding it.


6B22C718-3C9C-4821-9092-15A47A5AA3DD-198-0000000D5C1B7E24 62511838-90EC-4CB9-834F-9E95F028CFC1-198-0000000D60A82AAA CEBED040-8819-4931-B3E5-A1241D15DC85-198-0000000D64FE9107 8A7D9C45-9720-4702-8133-F9D972D165F5-198-0000000D6722096C



Key №15
The key is on farm. Firstly you should open the house – the key is in the car at the barn.
Then go to the bedroom and search the vase (the left on the fireplace).
Attention! You’ll need this key playing through the storyline, so you can’t pick it before Grey Mother tells you.


D45759DF-4229-4ECE-A9D6-83E129099F95-198-0000000D6AC09756 C40D376C-663E-488B-BAF2-4B4F54B7CD1C-198-0000000D6D3179FE



Key №20
The key is behind the gas station on the floor of the blue truck beside blue cabins. On the right in the screen.


2EEDA848-3483-481B-A67A-FAC3A788227F-198-0000000D70C99F9C 6878C20F-612B-471B-9EDB-39FC842615D4-198-0000000D73A92550 0DF7A135-C2E7-4E31-BE25-64E801B15976-198-0000000D75DA1640

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