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The Long Dark – The Emergency Stim Guide


The Emergency Stim

It is simply the best item in the entire game.


When used, the following happens:


  • You gain 15% condition immediately.


  • Your stamina meter is infinite in length.


  • You climb significantly faster.


  • Sprains don’t affect you at all.


  • Everything becomes brighter, which can help if the area you are in is dark.


In trade, you’ll have to sleep once it wears off in about one minute. However, that one small issue is minuscule compared to its sheer potential. If your first stim wears out and you’re still in severe danger, remember that there are no negative effects of using multiple stims one after another.


It can be used if you are climbing a very long rope while tired or simply in very low condition while far away from a safe area.


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