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Photo 1 [Jack]: In Jack’s apartment, grab a photo card in the darkroom (off the kitchen). Illuminate it for 5 seconds, then dunk it in each tub for 3 seconds each.


Groundskeeper’s Postcards 1 [Niwa Says Hello]: After riding to the Niwa gate, look in the gatehouse room for this before climbing over a skip and continuing on.


Groundskeeper’s Postcards 2 [Honest Work]: After solving a puzzle using Spirit Charge, continue forward to a large Niwa Hotel building and parking lot. This is in the car that also has the screwdriver hidden within its trunk.


Eerie Drawing 1: You’ll find this at the same car as the last postcard.


Echo 1: This on the side of the phone in the Niwa parking lot — just at the entrance to the Hotel. Very hard to miss.


Echo 2: Once you use the dumpster to get into the Hotel, look to the left. You’ll find this on the back of a shoe that’s beside a couple of suitcases.


Groundskeeper’s Postcards 3 [Promotion]: In the hotel lobby, past the broken staircase, and to the right. It’s sitting on top of an ashtray.


Echo 3: After finding a key in the other world’s hotel the second floor, enter the room, go into the bathroom, and through into the next room and look to the right. This is another telephone. (Do this before you drop down through the hole.)


Memory Shard 1: Once you’ve dropped down, use Insight and activate the book to the left of the vase. (This is Ursula’s room.)


Echo 4: A bottle of pills in the bathroom sink of Ursula’s room.


Mentor’s Diaries [An Apology]: In the bathroom of Ursula’s room. Beside the last echo.


Echo 5: Once you’ve found the razor and used it to enter the next area, look at the bathroom sink in that room.


Memory Shard 2: To the right of the dried sunflower.


Troubled Man’s Notes 1 [A Peaceful Place]: After cutting through the second skin sheet and burning more moths with your Spirit Shield, go into a room on the left. This is inside the room along the right-hand side, in a box with another note.


Eerie Drawings 2 [Old Man]: To the right of the Troubled Man’s Note #1.


Troubled Man’s Notes 2 [To-Do List]: After speaking with Sadness, enter Thomas’s office and look at his desk.


Troubled Man’s Notes 3 [Getting Stronger]: Once you’re in Thomas’ secret darkroom, look to the back of the room. This is on the floor, on top of strange symbols.


Photo 2: In the darkroom. Find and use, in this order: [Turn on red light, then use illumination light, then] Multigrade, Stop, Fixer


Troubled Man’s Notes 4 [Fever Dreams]: Before entering the Dayroom proper, head to the area to the right side of its door and look behind a pillar. (The lights will guide you through a gate — it’s in the opposite direction.)


Echo 6: Once you’re in the area with the pool, look to a barricaded off area in one of the corners.


Echo 7: Drop into the pool and check the barricade close to the last Echo.


Echo 8: Once you crawl through a hole into another room (just off the pool), go straight and inspect a pair of shorts.


Groundskeeper’s Postcards 4 [Someday]: In the back corner of the same room as the last echo, in a box.


Troubled Man’s Notes [Good Old Frank]: After continuing on up some stairs, look at some rubbish along the right-hand side of the next corridor.


Echo 9: On a toy top that Sadness leads you to with your Spirit Vision.


Echo 10: Back inside the pool as part of the same path you’re led down.


Echo 11: Back up in the little bloodied alcove just off the pool, part of the same path as 9 and 10.


Echo 12: Back in the shower room, same bit as the last few. You might have to move the cart out of the way if you didn’t before.


Other 1 [Torn Illustration]: After heading through the hole in the wall, head left and look inside a locker (also? Creepy.). Same locker as the cat figurine.


Echo 13: After the Maw breaks through a door and leaves, exit through that door and then go across the hallway into the Examination Room. The echo’s on a phone on the wall.


Eerie Drawings 3 [Bad Nursie]: After crossing back to the other world via the mirror, head toward the camera and pick this up before leaving the room.


Groundskeeper’s Postcards 5 [A Scenic View]: Once you use the key to enter the room off of the Examination Room, head to the left and look in the corner of the room.


Echo 14: I went for the right-hand side person first — this is after the Maw and on a signed photo of the ballerina in her manager’s room afterward.


Echoes 15-16-17-18: Interact with the numbers in Vivenne’s room after you’ve found the missing piece of the page at the foot of the bed.


Eerie Drawings 4 [Dark]: From the left-hand side of the pair of souls to save, go into the room on the left and head to the back of the room (not up the stairs).


Echo 19: Back in the real world, look to the left-hand wall of the conference room and check the phone.


Echo 20: In the room with the roll call and numbered chairs, look on the desk at the front of the room. This is an ashtray.


Other 2 [A Quiet Girl]: After freeing Nicholas and Tori, head through the nearby mirror and look on the desk of the room you’re in.


Echo 21: After finding the last letter, head through the hole in the wall and then use your insight on the bloody wheelchair.


Other 3 [Empty Eyes]: After the wheelchair, look on the table in the corner. The note is on a shelf underneath the scalpel.


Echo 22: Once you cut through into the Dayroom, head to the left. This is on a drawing of a horse.


Mentor’s Diaries 2 [Throwing Away Greatness]: Next to the horse drawing in the Dayroom.


Mentor’s Diaries 3 [A Well of Inspiration]: To the right when entering the Dayroom through the skinwall. It’s on the same wall as the partial sheet of music.


Memory Shard 3: Inspect the bag of fluid on the IV drip in the centre of the Dayroom.


Mentor’s Diaries 4 [A Very Special Boy]: On a couch on the same wall as the horse drawing in the Dayroom.


Mentor’s Diaries 5 [A Method to Madness]: Near the door on the room off to the left of the Dayroom.


Memory Shard 4: Found in the room with the piano after solving the globe puzzle.


Echo 23: Once in the Teacher’s Room, use Insight on the pen case on the table in the middle.


Mentor’s Diaries 6 [Growing Apart]: To the right of the final scrap of music in the Teacher’s Room.


Memory Shard 5: The pair of glasses to the right of the last Echo and Mentor’s Diaries.


Mentor’s Diaries 7 [A New Home]: After using your Shield on moths, head into the large room and head right, then stick to the right. This is at the end of the room.


Memory Shard 6: To the left in the same room you found the final Mentor’s Diaries document. Check the canvas.


Memory Shard 7: Follow the Spirit Trail from the last memory. Same room. It’s a doll.


Memory Shard 8: Same room as the last two. It’s a red bow.


Groundskeeper’s Postcards 6 [Won’t Stop]: Once back in control of Marianne and outside, you’ll be able to head left at an intersection. This one’s sitting on a bench. (Your real objective is north/up at that intersection; if you can see the “Reclaiming History” sign then you have gone too far.).


Echo 24: This is on a phone just to the left of the last postcard.


Groundskeeper’s Postcards 7 [Poor Thing]: To the right of the “Reclaiming History” sign and telescope.


Groundskeepers’ Postcards 8 [Harder and Harder]: At the fork in the road, turn towards the Landscape Trail; this is on a bench to the left.


Groundskeepers’ Postcards 9 [Whispers in the Dark]: When tasked to follow the dog, head to the Vistula River instead (the right); this is on a bench to the left. NEXT, DON’T CHECK THE TENT.


Groundkeepers’ Postcards 10 [A New Companion]: Before checking the tent, look south/down from it. This is on a bench.


Groundskeepers’ Postcards 11 [regrets]: Near Francis’ body in the tent.


Photos 3 [Staff Photo]: Near Francis’ body in the tent.


Echo 25: After speaking with Sadness on the swing, go forward until you hit the fence. Check the nearby tire.


Echo 26: This is on a pack of smokes just to the left of the last echo.


Echo 27: After speaking with Sadness on the swing, head into the shack on the right (ahead of the Red House). This is on a horse on a bench inside.


Echo 28: Continue into the next room and check the area towards your screen. This is a tape recorder in some rubbish.


Troubled Man’s Notes 6 [Something Broken]: This is to the right of the last echo.


Echo 29: This is in the same spot as the note. Use your Insight on the suitcase.


Memory Shard 9: To the left of the Red House. Inspect a gas can.


Memory Shard 10: At the front of the Red House.


Troubled Man’s Notes 7 [Demons]: In the side room of the Red House, basically between two of the family portraits.


Echo 30: After you get into the basement of the Red House, look for a teddy bear along the back wall.


Echo 31: The syringe to the right of the teddy bear. This one was incredibly hard to trigger; the echo mark needs to basically be on the far left of the artifact.


Troubled Man’s Notes 8 [A Different Kind of Sadness]: To the right of the last echo in the basement of the Red House.


Echo 32: The shoe towards the front of your screen in the first room of the Red House’s basement.


Troubled Man’s Notes 9 [The Missing Piece]: Keep going towards the screen from the last echo and this is on a piece of furniture to the left.


Troubled Man’s Notes 10 [Found a Way]: This is in the room off to the right of the last note, in a cellar. This also has the code to the security door. (PS: The Security door code is 1966 and I have no idea why.)


Troubled Man’s Notes 11 [Separation]: After running from the Maw, check the desk in the real world split of your screen. Back of the room.


Troubled Man’s Notes 12 [A Relic of the Past]: In the pump control room, check the console to the left.


Troubled Man’s Notes 13 [A Thin Line]: After using the electricity to escape the Maw, head down a corridor and check the back of the room to the left.


Troubled Man’s Notes 14 [Just Me and Her]: In the room/kitchen to the right (you’re better off getting power back to the area first.)


Troubled Man’s Notes 15 [Keeping Distance]: On the right-hand side of the living area (after the bathroom).


Troubled Man’s Notes 16 [Business Card]: In the same room as the last.


Troubled Man’s Notes 17 [Alone]: On the butterfly table in Lily’s room.


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