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The Outer Worlds – How to Recruit All Companions

How to Recruit All Companions

Successfully complete the indicated task(s) to recruit the corresponding companion:


Ellie (Groundbreaker): Find Ellie (and her quest) in the medical area of the Groundbreaker, in the Promenade. Talk to her and complete her “Worst Contact” quest to unlock her. Ellie’s skill focus are Lie, Engineering, and Medical.


Felix (Groundbreaker): Go to the Groundbreaker Docking Bay to find Felix just outside your ship. He is a space adventurer with no respect for the Board. Talk to him once and leave Groundbreaker to be able to hire him. No quest is required. His skill focus are Sneak, Persuade, and Lockpick.


Nyoka (Monarch): Nyoka can be found at The Yacht Club in Stellar Bay. She is a heavy-drinker armed with an energy LMG. Complete her quest and agree to get her help for your main story quest for her to join you. Nyoka’s skill focus are Sneak, Lie, and Medical.


Parvati: Take the elevator in the Edgewater Cannery, and talk to the boss for the “Stranger In A Strange Land” quest to automatically unlock Parvati as an engineer helper. She is an awkward worker with loyalty to Spacer’s Choice. Her skill focus are Engineering, Persuade, and Lockpick.


SAM (Unreliable): The robot is in one of the rooms. Examine it after restoring power and taking flight with the Unreliable. You will start “The Cleaning Machine” quest. Find the Acid Steeper through the locked door in the Storage Facility in Roseway. SAM’s skill focus are Science, Hack, and Intimidate.


Vicar Max: Talk to Vicar Max in the church in Edgewater to begin his “The Illustrated Manual” quest. Complete the quest to unlock Max. He is interested in new interpretations of “the law”. His skill focus are Hack, Science, and Intimidate.


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