The Quest – Definitions of Skills – Attributes on which they depend


Definitions of Skills – Attributes on which they depend

Heavy Weapon – Skill in using heavy weapons such as an axe, mace, hammer or heavy sword. Depends on strength.


Heavy Armor – Skill in wearing heavier armor. Depends on endurance.


Dual Wield – Skill in using two weapons at the same time. Depends on dexterity. For dual wielding, you can have any weapon in your right hand, but only short swords can be used in your left hand.


Light Weapon – Skill in using light weapons such as a knife, short sword or anything below a certain weight. Depends on dexterity.


Light Armor – Skill in wearing light armor to good advantage. Depends on dexterity.


Repair – Ability to keep gear in good condition. Depends on dexterity.


Block – Ability to use your shield and other defenses well. Depends on dexterity.


Accuracy – Skill in hitting a target with a ranged weapon. Depends on dexterity.


Persuasion – Ability to influence others in conversations. Depends on personality.


Appraise – Skill in getting the best price in shops and influencing merchants to accept your deal. Depends on personality.


Lockpick – Ability to open locked doors, chests and other items. Depends on dexterity.


Disarm – Skill in disarming traps. Depends on intelligence.


Healing Magic – Ability to cast healing spells with greater effect. Depends on intelligence. You can’t learn healing magic spells if you are undead (Rasvim).


Protection Magic – Skill in casting protection spells such as Resist Poison or Stone Skin. Depends on intelligence.


Attack Magic – Ability to increase the damage of your attack spells. Depends on intelligence.


Environment Magic – Ability to use spells such as Disarm, Recall, Feather or Town Portal. Depends on intelligence.


Alchemy – Ability to concoct homemade potions and other mixtures. Depends on intelligence.


Mind Magic – Skill in casting mind magic spells to control others such as Drain Mana, Calm, Curse or Paralyze. Depends on personality.


Stealth – Ability to steal without detection. Depends on dexterity.


Undead magic – Ability to cast undead spells. Depends on intelligence. You can only learn undead magic if you are undead (Rasvim). After generating your character (choose your race, skills and attributes carefully), you’ll find yourself on the Island of Freymore, ready for your adventures.


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