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The Red Strings Club Cheats

23 January 2018, Tuesday, 23:27:10



Important Telephone Numbers

Computer: 777-777-777
SRAID: 000-000-056
Dr. Edgar Coldstream’s Security Code: 256-326-435
Self-Destruct: 987-654-321
Web of Chaos: 555-292-257


Robot-Bae’s Quizs & Correct Answers

Diana, The Director of SCP 

1) Yes.

2) No.

3) Yes.

4) No.

5) No.

6) This one’s trickier. Before the quiz, you must give her a glass of Sympathy and ask her about Ariadne’s death. Whatever you do from there, you will eventually mention Akara, and she will tell you about Edgar Coldstream (The Director of the Akara Program). The option for Edgar will now appear for this question (and it is the correct answer!)

7) Bourbon.

8) I don’t think so.

9) Supercontinent Ltd.

10) This is a matter of opinion, so you can’t mess it up… right?


Niama, That One Lawyer Girl

1) No.

2) To find Johanna Sephtis.

3) Yes.

4) No.

5) Yes.

6) No.

7) Yes.

8) No.

9) No.

10) This is a matter of opinion.


Larissa, The [CENSORED]

1) Marketing.

2) No.

3) Yes.

4) She doesn’t give a…

5) Herself.

6) Lust.

7) Tequila.

8) Yes.

9) Yes, only because the marketing campaign would be ruined.

10) Akara won’t judge you for this one.



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