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The Sexy Brutale Invitation Locations Guide

13 April 2017, Thursday, 2:08:55


This is a guide on how to find the invitations of every character.



Reginald Sixpence, Clay Rockridge, Trinity Carrington, Redd Rockridge, Thanos Gorecki

The invitation for all of these characters can be found on their bodies after being killed. Thanos’ body comes out of the bottom of the elevator, not the top.



Willow Blue

After she is killed, talk to Grinmaw. He will spit up her invitation to the top of his tank. Simply climb up the ladder and pick it up.



Tequila Belle

Talk to the ghosts in Tequila’s Stage (where she was performing). One of them will give you her invitation.



Greyson Grayson

Open the safe in the chapel before Sixpence does. You can do this using Greyson’s power. Inside the safe will be his invitation.



Aurum Runes

Pick up and satiate the Hungry Charm. Then, after Aurum has left to meet with Thanos, talk to the male ghost in the lower righthand corner of the room with the statue and ghosts. He will trade you the invitation for “something gruesome”, aka the charm.

Note: It may not need to be satiated


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