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The Shrouded Isle – How To Play


How To Play
Each Season you must elect a representitive from your house who has vices and virtues that adjust the bars on the screen. Each selected house will boost the stat for their respected house (IE Kegnni boosts Ignorance) as well as boost the stat for their Virtue and lower the stat for their Vice, depending on how positive it is or negative (see Traits section for details.)

After 3 months (rounds) of this you then must choose someone to sacrifice from your pool of representatives. Unfortunately this will upset the houses and lower their loyalty to you. Sacrificing someone will usually boost the stat that is their Vice and lower the stat that is their Virtue, the amount depending on how positive/negative it is (see Traits section for details.)

If any stat happens to go into the red, you will be required to get it above the threshold before the end of the next season. Occassionally your God will also ask you (through dream) to sacrifice specific people and to focus on a particular tenet more than the others. You will also recieve mail at your castle which are mini-events where you make some decisions that boost and lower stats or have other consequences.(like revealing people’s Traits or even changing them.)

You rinse and repeat this process until your 3rd Winter, which is the “final” round.


Traits come in multiple stages, undefined, rumored, and then the actual trait. You uncover these traits through inquiries with the houses (the number is based on their loyalty) and through them performing actions during the season. The levels of the traits also come in multiple varieties.

-10 (Minor)
-20 (Minor)
-30 (Major)

5 (Minor)
10 (Minor)
15 (Major)

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