The Sims 2 PC Keyboard Shortcuts & Hotkeys


PC Keyboard Shortcuts & Hotkeys

Camera Controls

Rotate Left/Right: [<] / [>]

Tile Camera: [Control] + Right Click or Middle Click (hold)

Zoom In/Out: [+] / [-] or [Z] / [X] or Mouse Wheel (up and down)

Move Camera: Right Click (Hold and Drag)

Move Left/ Right: Left Arrow / Right Arrow or [A] / [D] (Adding [Shift] goes faster)

Move Forward/Back: Up Arrow / Down Arrow or [W] / [S] (Adding [Shift] goes faster)

Save Camera Positions 0-5: [Control] + [4] through [Control] + [9]

Scroll To Camera Positions 0 through 5: [4] through [9]

Switch To Camera Positions 0 through 5: [Shift] + [4] through [Shift] + [9]

Toggle Cameraman Mode: [Tab]

Lower/Raise Camera Height: [Q] / [E]




Universal Control Panel

Hide UCP: [F10]

Quit Game: [Q]

Center on Active Sim: [Return]

Hand Tool (Buy/Build Mode): [H]

Eyedropper tool (Buy/Build Mode): [E]

Design Tool (Buy/Build Mode): [R]

Toggle Day/Night (Buy/Build Mode): [L]

Top Down View (Buy/Build Mode): [T]

Cancel: [Esc]

Remove (Buy/Build Mode): [Control] (hold) + Left Click (hold and drag)




Video Capture and Snapshots

Start/End Video Capture: [V]

Pause Resume Video Capture: [ B ]

Take Snapshot: [C]




Main Toolbar

Open Close Live Mode Panel: [F1]

Show Buy Mode Panel: [F2]

Show Build Mode Panel: [F3]

Show Story Mode Panel: [F4]

Show Options Mode Panel: [F5]

Normal/High/Ultra Speed: [1] / [2] / [3]

Select Next Sim: [Spacebar] or [N]

Go Up/Down One Floor: [Page Up] / [Page Down]

Next Wall Mode: [Home]

Previous Wall Mode: [End]




Neighborhood Toolbar

Show/Hide Families Panel: [F1]

Show Lots and Houses Panel: [F2]

Show Decorations Panel: [F3]

Show Neiborhood Story: [F4]

Show Options Panel: [F5]

Object Placement Tools and Platform Rotate

Rotate Object/Sims Clockwise: [>]

Rotate Object/Sims Anti-Clockwise: [<]

Delete Object: [Del]



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