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The Sims 4: City Living Cheat Codes


The Sims 4: City Living Cheat Codes

How to Enable The Console in The Sims 4: City Living:

To use cheats in The Sims 4, press Control + Shift + C to toggle the console on and off. Press enter after typing the cheat. For many cheats, you must also use testingcheats on, or they will not work. Most cheats are used in live mode (F2).



New Cheats – Only for City Living DLC

Input the cheat code testingcheats true.


Result Cheat Code
Max out Singing skill stats.set_skill_level Major_Singing 10
Get promoted in the Social Media career careers.promote SocialMedia
Get promoted in the Critic career careers.promote careers_adult_critic
Get promoted in the Politician career careers.promote Activist
Home Turf

These Sims become Happy when they are in their home neighborhood.

traits.equip_trait HomeTurf
Spice Hound

Spice Hounds never find any food too Spicy and feel Happy for hours after eating a Spicy Meal.

traits.equip_trait SpiceHound
In the Know

Sims who are in the Know can get a massive discount on market stall purchases if they Haggle with vendors.

traits.equip_trait InTheKnow
Chopstick Savvy

From slippery noodles to tiny peas, these Sims have mastered the art of eating with Chopsticks.

traits.equip_trait ChopstickSavvy
Critically Connected

Leveraging their status in the art world, Critically Connected Sims receive a 20% rebate on all Art purchased in Build Mode each week. Rebates will be applied directly to Household Funds.

traits.equip_trait trait_hidden_career_critic_thrifty


Testingcheats on should be enabled, as some cheats will not work without it. Skill/Career cheats affect the selected Sim.


Money X – Type Money 50000 or 1000000, whatever you like, and your family will have that amount exactly. This can be used to subtract funds because it sets the money to whatever amount you specify.


Infinite Consumables – One-time use potions can be bought with satisfaction. You may also milk Cow Plants that have killed Sims to get a potion that increases a Sim’s lifespan. You can make these consumables infinite by using the objects.consumables_infinite_toggle Cheat. This can allow you to always get a particular emotion, or make a Sim immortal with aging still on.




Other Cheats

Cheat      What it Does

  • testingcheats on     Enables testing cheats in The Sims 4


  • kaching       Money cheat that gives the family $1000


  • motherlode     Gives the family $50,000 Simoleans


  • resetsim firstname lastname      Resets a stuck Sim back to the home lot.


  • death.toggle true/false      Disables death


  • headlineeffects on/off      Enables or disables headline effects (good for screenshots).


  • freerealestate on/off      Makes homes free when typed while shopping for a house.


  • household.autopay_bills true/false      Enable or disable bills for the household


  • sims.remove_all_buffs      Removes all moodlets from your Sim. Positive ones (such as high needs/environment) will come back.


  • fps on/off       Display the game’s frames per second, useful when tuning graphics settings.


  • hovereffects on/off      Disable hover effect when you mouse-over a Sim


  • fullscreen       Toggle fullscreen/windowed mode


  • bb.moveobjects       Allows you to move objects anywhere you want, good for building. Use the 9 and 0 keys to adjust the item you’re ‘holding’.


  • bb.showhiddenobjects       The old buydebug cheat – lets you buy many hidden objects.


  • bb.enablefreebuild        Build anywhere, even on locked lots.


  • bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement       Ignore Gameplay Unlocks Entitlement – lets you buy items locked by careers.


  • sims.give_satisfaction_points x.       Gives a Sim x amount of satisfaction points with which you can buy rewards. Sims.give_satisfaction_points 5000 for example.


  • fillmotive x        use fillmotive motive_energy or fillmotive motive_hunger


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