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The Sims 4 – Developing a Romance to Marriage


Developing a Romance to Marriage

Once you’ve got a romantic relationship going, you should know that romance has its own tiers of relationship strength. At first, you’ll only be a Romantic Interest with another Sim. A little farther along, you can become Lovebirds, then Sweethearts, then Boyfriend/Girlfriend. After this, it’s your time to pop the question and get married. If your significant other says yes, then you can go ahead and plan a wedding, or simple elope together. Once you’re married, you’ll have the option to integrate the new Sim into your current Sims family, meaning that they will now live in your house and become another playable Sim.



Yes, you can also divorce a Sim if you’d like, but just like in real life, it’s going to cause a lot negative emotions and make your Sim’s life very difficult for a time. There are some aspirations with goals that require you to break up relationships, so you must always be careful when trying to complete these. You can have several relationships at once, and you can start a romantic relationship with any Sim of either gender, but the former can cause jealous emotions and general chaos.



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