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The Sims 4 PS4/Xbox One – Adult Skills

16 November 2017, Thursday, 0:58:56


Adult Skills

Toddler and Child Skills prepare your Sim for Adult Skills. Teenagers have access to most of these Skills.




Strengthens positive friendships and relationships. Useful for many Careers.



Practice this Skill by telling jokes, researching jokes online, and performing routines. Useful for Sims who want to become Comedians.



Whether your Sim is an aspiring Chef or cooks at home, building up this Skill unlocks new recipes and improves meal quality.



Improve this Skill through practice or books. Fish to provide your Household with fish for cooking.



Increase your Sim’s health by practicing this skill in a variety of ways: running, pushups, swimming, etc. It may also benefit your Career.



By improving the Gardening Skill, your Sim can grow their own food. Food grown in the garden can be used in cooking.



Spend time studying and practicing to build up this Skill and unlock the Write Songs ability, which can earn Sims extra cash.



Have your Sim fix broken furniture to increase Handiness. With practice Sims can upgrade furniture. Make sure to Salvage for Parts after completing repairs.



Read books and play chess to grow your Logic, which is used for many interactions and Careers.



Building up Mischief allows your Sim to play tricks or perform wicked actions, like making Voodoo dolls.



Increase Mixology to create and master drink recipes. Mixology is useful for parties and some Careers.



Buy an Easel to improve the Painting Skill. Paintings can be sold for Simoleons or be infused with Auras.



Practicing this Skill or read Piano books to create songs and earn royalties off their use.



Programming is useful for many Careers, and can be used to make extra Simoleons. Increase it practice on a computer or by reading programming books.


Rocket Science

Essential for the Astronaut career path, but you’ll need to own a Rocket Ship to build it up.


Video Gaming

Improve this Skill on a computer, motion gaming system, tablet, or Phone. Video Gaming Skills are useful for many Careers—playing the Sims is especially beneficial, as we all know.



This skill is improved by practicing with a violin or read violin books. Eventually, your Sim can create Songs to make royalties.


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