The Sims 4 PS4/Xbox One – Moving Out or Moving In


Moving Out or Moving In

Maybe your Teen has grown up and wants to move out; maybe your Sim has formed a relationship and wants them to move in; or maybe you want a crabby roommate to find a new home. Through Manage Households, you can add existing Sims to your Household, or have members of your Household set off on their own.



To move an individual Sim, you’ll need to go to Manage Worlds. Select the Household that you wish to modify, select the “…” button, and then select Manage Household. From here you can edit, add, or remove Sims from a Household through Create-A-Sim, move your Household to a new lot, or transfer a Sim between Households.


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Still doesn’t tell us how to move an individual Sim.


I want to move my Sims together who just got married but for some reason, I can’t find my Sim’s wife on the map.

jake webber

this was very easy for me!


i don’t have the three dots?


So the only way i found for this to work was to make a dummy sim on the lot that i wanted, because it needs a family, then transfer desired sims, then modify household and delete dummy sim.