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The Sims 4 PS4/Xbox One – Toddler Skills

15 November 2017, Wednesday, 21:34:34


Toddler Skills

Toddlers have 5 unique Skills: Communication, Movement, Potty, Thinking, and Imagination.


There are two benefits to increasing your Toddler’s Skills. Firstly, the higher their Skills, the more self-sufficient and capable a Toddler becomes. For example, a Toddler with a raised Movement Skill will be able to climb stairs or run, and a raised Potty means the Toddler can use the restroom on their own.


Secondly, increasing a Toddler’s Skill boosts to their Child Skills when they age up. Communication Skills boost Social Skills, Movement Skills boost Motor Skills, Thinking Skills boost Mental Skills, and Imagination Skills boost Creativity Skills. Potty Skills don’t have a correlating Child Skill, but raising it will decrease the chance of accidents and make it easier for Adults to change their diapers.



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