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The Sims 4 Will Be Released on the Xbox One and PS4 on November 17

27 July 2017, Thursday, 21:25:26


EA is taking the long awaited and much-requested step, to bring Sims 4 to consoles. Originally released on Windows PCs in 2014 and on Macs a year later, EA has announced that Sims 4 will be released on the Xbox One and PS4 on November 17.

As with any console port, Sims 4 has had some tweaks ahead of its console release. The control system has been modified to make navigation and interaction easier on a gamepad and much of the additional expansion content released post-launch of Sims 4 will be available at launch on consoles. A new room-based build mode makes the creation of brand new homes easier.



“The addition of a console-version of The Sims 4 has been long-awaited by fans and newcomers alike, and we at Maxis are beyond excited to bring The Sims to new platforms,” said Executive Producer, Lyndsay Pearson. “The game delivers a beautiful The Sims experience on console and comes packed with tons of the fan-favourite content, so players can look forward to the unique gameplay, self-expression, and fun that have come to be tentpoles of The Sims brand. The possibilities to play with life are as endless as the players’ creativity.”

However, EA will also expand Sims 4 beyond its base console release too, with new content coming down the line. Co-developed by Maxis and Blind Squirrel Entertainment – which worked on Evolve, XCOM and the Bioshock Collection – Sims 4 on consoles is available to pre-order now and anyone who does will unlock the Perfect Patio Pack for free. It comes with additional hot tubs and a number of outdoor decor items for creating an oasis in your back garden.

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