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The Sims Mobile Cheats

18 April 2018, Wednesday, 20:10:46


Tips & Tricks 

  • You cannot sell furniture. You must remember this because it makes the game much more difficult. You are not able to recover the money you spent. Each piece of furniture can be found in the “storage” section in build mode.


  • Your sim has no needs. In The Sims Mobile, the developers did not give the sims their usual needs. The gameplay is based purely on completing stories and events. You will need furniture in order to engage in various interactions during events.


  • You do not need a kitchen. A kitchen at the beginning of your experience with The Sims Mobile is superfluous. You will get your first fridge only after you reach a certain milestone in the barista’s career path. The stove can be acquired at an even later stage of the game and allows you to develop a hobby – cooking.


  • Most things will be unlocked at higher levels. At home you will be missing a double bed or a bathtub. Do not worry. All of these furniture pieces can be unlocked by earning experience levels.


  • The shower, toilet and bed will give you extra energy points. If you want your sim to be extremely active, please make sure to grant him/her access to these facilities.


  • This is a home for all generations. In The Sims Mobile, you do not have the ability to change your home. You must ensure that this house serves the needs of all generations.



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