The Solus Project PC Cheat Codes



How To Activate And Open The Console In The Solus Project

To open the console, you must press the F8 key and then enter the cheats:



Cheat CodeResult

fly – Flight

god – Immortality

solspeed – Mercury mode (Mode 4th Dimension: Velocity)

solgod – God mode

solgive Medpack – gives a medpack

solgive Beacon – gives a Beacon (VOR/DME portable beacon)

solgive Food – gives a food

solgive FoodCan – gives a food can

solgive FoodBar – gives a food bar

solgive FoodBasin_pot – gives a food lots for food can or food bar (50x food)

solgive AlienFood – gives a food alien

solgive AlienShell – gives a shell for food alien (shell combining for food alien)

solgive Alien_medpack – gives a medpack alien (AlienFood + AlienShell = Alien_medpack)

solgive Flashlight – gives a lantern (flashlight)

solgive BallCrystal – gives a BallCrystal (empty, need IceCrystal or HeatCrystal)

solgive FlashlightBattery – gives a battery for flashlight (or lantern)

solgive Hammer – gives a Hammer

solgive HumanPipe – gives a Pipe (crafting for torch or hammer)

solgive Shield – gives a medieval alien shield

solgive sword – gives a medieval alien sword

solgive TorchFlare – gives a Torch (with fire)

solgive Torch – gives a Torch (empty)

solgive WaterBottle – gives a Waterbottle (with water)

solgive WaterBottle_oil – gives a Waterbottle with oil for torch.

solgive WaterbottleEmpty – gives a waterbottle empty (no water nor no oil)

solgive IdolKey – gives a alien idol key

solgive Key – gives a alien key

solgive IceCrystal – gives a light ice crystal (equivalent a flashlight)

solgive HeatCrystal – gives a light heat crystal (equivalent a flashlight)

solgive EnergyBall – gives a light energyball (equivalent a flashlight)

solgive Cable – gives a cable (rope)

solgive Cable_Moving – gives a cable movement (rope)


solbase – Gets nearest base or cave for sleeping

solrs – Unknown

solwalk – Fly mode (Mode 4th Dimension: Ethereal Mode)

solsave – gets save game

solgive [item] – give items e.g. solgive torch

solweather [value] – give disasters and wealthers e.g. solweather 2 (such as hurricanes, meteors rainstorm, rainstorm, tornados, earthquakes, etc.)

solpda – give PDA handheld

soltime [time] – give timelapse e.g. soltime 30

solteleport [distance] – get teleport another location e.g. solteleport 3

Travel [MapName_SubMapName] – Goto map e.g. Travel Solus_Flashpoint_Cave1

Stat LEVELS – Show info Levels

Stat FPS – Show FPS framwrate

Stat UNIT – Show NPC

Quit or EXIT – Exit the console



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