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The Swords of Ditto – Beginner’s Tips

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Beginner’s Tips

  • The clock only runs in the overworld; it automatically stops when you enter a dungeon, house, town, etc. Avoid fighting monsters in the overworld; they have no additional benefits compared to monsters found in dungeons.


  • Shards are initially found in dungeon chests; you need to collect a certain amount and then head to a whale statue and activate it. You’ll unlock the ‘shard’ currency that allows you to reverse time and even get a second life. This also allows you to purchase items from certain NPCs that are charged by the shard.


The Whale statue will offer you these two additional functions once unlocked:


100 Shards: Rollback time by one day.


200 Shards: Be given a tear-drop item that affords a second life.



  • Coins and Shards carry over; toys and stickers do not! If you know, you won’t be able to defeat the final boss in your current run; it’s best to farm shards/coins to use in the next.



  • Stuck a Room with Locked Doors (Bug). This happens for primarily one reason; you knocked a monster off an edge. As of the release build, monsters knocked off ledges don’t count towards the ‘kill counter’ You’ll need to equip the whistle and head back to the start of the dungeon to try again.


Certain rooms require you to kill all monsters to unlock the doors; remember to physically destroy them and not just knock them off a ledge.



  • Certain dungeons can’t be completed unless you have some basic bombs or the drone toy. You may have to backtrack to town (Use your whistle!) and buy some bombs before heading back to the dungeon.


Drone Toy: It has the same effect as a regular bomb when blown up; just fly it over to a crack and let it do its thing.


Super Sentai toy: Stunned enemies can be picked up with the ‘A’ button and thrown like a bomb.



  • Visiting town Before Final Battle


Talk to every single wandering NPC; some of them offer food and +1 toy upgrades for free. Don’t forget to switch your stickers to dungeon-based ones (Health/Mana regen etc.).


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