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The Thrill of the Fight – VR Boxing – Damage and Knockdowns

25 June 2019, Tuesday, 16:57:44

Damage and Knockdowns

No Health Bars

There are no health bars in The Thrill of the Fight. Instead, each punch is looked at individually to determine what effect it had on the opponent. Hits that are too light will not inflict any damage at all. These hits are shown with a light blue impact effect. Hits that are damaging enough to cause damage will show an effect that blends between blue to yellow to red, depending on exactly how much damage they land for. The total amount of damage inflicted per round and the number and percentage of landed hits that counted as damaging are shown on the post-match Score Details panel.



Weak Areas

Certain areas of the boxers’ heads and bodies will result in more injury when struck. Hits that strike these areas in the right direction will inflict additional damage. These weak areas are marked by the lights on the boxing dummy, and the info panel shows the amount of bonus damage you receive when you strike the boxing dummy.


These weak areas are very important to target and allow you to easily dizzy your opponent or even score one-hit knockdowns. The AI always prefers to target your weak areas if possible, which can make their hits seem very powerful.



Knockdowns and Knockouts

If a boxer lands a hit that is damaging enough, their opponent will be knocked down with a single swing. Punches that are damaging enough to achieve this will show a red impact effect. The boxer who scored the knockdown will be moved to the farthest neutral corner, and the referee will begin to count If the referee’s count gets to 10 before the knocked down boxer is able to return completely to their feet, the referee will rule the fight over by knockout. All matches follow the “mandatory eight count” rule, so the referee will always count to 8, even if the knocked down boxer stands up immediately.


The time the knocked down boxer stays on the floor is determined by how damaging the hit was that knocked them down.


When you are knocked down, your screen will appear black, and you will hear the referee counting. You will get up automatically and do not need to take any action to do so.




When a boxer is hit by a highly damaging punch, they will be rocked / dazed / dizzied. A dizzied boxer is unable to muster their full strength and receives a damage penalty while they are dizzy (so if you are dizzied, back off and recover!). If a boxer continues to receive more dizzying hits before they can recover, they may be knocked down. As with one-hit knockdowns, the time the knocked down boxer stays on the floor is determined by the damage inflicted by the hit that knocked them down. Because of this, boxers knocked down due to dizziness are unlikely to stay down for the count.


When the AI is dizzed, their jaw will drop open and their gaze will drift around as if they are having a hard time focusing. They will tend to retreat and guard themselves while they recover.


When you are dizzied, you will see a double vision effect. You will also see a vignette and desaturation effect that gets stronger the closer you are to being knocked down.


A boxer that takes a hit hard enough to cause a significant amount of dizziness will play a grunt sound effect.



Build up of Head Trauma and Body Pain

As a boxer takes damage to their head or body, they will build up trauma or pain, respectively. As trauma or pain build up, that boxer will eventually begin to take an increased amount of damage when they receive hits to the head or body. Additionally, the total amount of trauma and pain will increase the amount of time a boxer stays on the floor when knocked down.


Only hits that landed hard enough to cause damage will add to a boxer’s trauma or pain levels.


Your trauma and pain levels, together, are shown as a permanent vignette and desaturation effect.



AI Reaction

Opponents will react to your landed punches by pausing their attack, retreating, or adjusting their guard to cover the area you hit. The more damaging your landed strike, the more likely the opponent will react.


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