The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Safe and Hidden Code Locations


Safe and Hidden Code Locations


  • Blue Mansion Safe: First Floor to the left of the Main Entrance of the Blue Mansion/Palace. Shallows.


  • Golden Lions Safe: Yellow house with Golden Lion Statues in the front of it, to the right of it behind the brick wall, climb up the side of the house into a hidden area where the Safe is located. Via Corolla.


  • Jazz Men Safe: Near a Storyline key, through the Cemetery, by a truck and Jazz Men statues.


  • Old Town Safe: The Building with Two floors (Yellow?), there are two corners of the house is broken, visible from the outside, check both and you’ll eventually find it, its at the rear of the house.



Code and Hidden Key Locations

  • Hidden Key: Rampart in classroom 201, West wing, next to a deceased couple, goes to the Memorial Lane hidden room.


  • Blue Mansion: #1 Code retrieved after completing Side quest from the first NPC in the Shallows. #2(If attempt #1 fails) On a Pool Table in Via Corolla.


  • Golden Lion Code: The Ward in the shipping building in an office on the first floor.


  • Jazz Men Code: In Bastion, a car has crashed into a house, enter the building by climbing into it, then on the table on the first floor has the code.


  • Old Town Code: Band Room in Rampart School on one of the music stands (EASY TO MISS).


The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – All Recipe Locations


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