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Useful Tips & Tricks

– You don’t want to kill every zombie. Learning to get past zombies in rooms you don’t need to come back to is incredibly helpful to success.


– Healing items are limited, but you can make each go farther by using the Ointment item. It has enough charges to combine with every healing item in the game and increases the healing output of every item by a decent amount. Make sure to get this from the Bathroom early in the game and move it to the Main Hall saferoom as soon as convenient to get the most out of your healing items.


– Because you don’t have any kind of item storage and only a six-slot inventory, dropping your items in an accessible place is important.


– Zombie speeds change each time you encounter them. While some zombies seem to be faster than others usually, even the fast zombies sometimes walk slowly, and the slow ones occasionally break into a dead sprint. You can reset zombies by leaving and entering areas, so if a Zombie becomes hard to avoid because of a speed boost and you don’t have ammo to kill it, try leaving the area and coming back.


– Like the previous tip, Zombies sometimes have a few different areas in a room that can appear when you enter. Sometimes (like in the Bedroom Side Hallway), you can use this to your advantage when a Zombie is blocking your path. If you leave and come back, it might not be in the same spot, and you may be able to move through without fighting or dodging.


– The knife isn’t worth using in combat. If you don’t have handgun ammo (or just don’t have the handgun at all), then juking a Zombie is a much better option than engaging in a melee fight with the knife.


– On greater difficulties, Zombies don’t get much more healthy, but they get CRAZY fast. It makes dodging their attacks much more difficult and forces you to kill many more of them because some Zombies that are safe to keep alive in Normal and Easy will pose a grave threat on Hard. Keep this in mind if you try for Hard on a second play-through.


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