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They Always Run is Set to Release – Here’s everything we know so far

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A blend of Parkour, Side-scroll, Adventure, and Hack-and-Slash, They Always Run is expected to release on Oct 20, 2021.


No one can forget the golden era of classic games back in the ’90s, where everyone was in love with fighting games like Tekken, Street Fighter and Side-scrolling games like Contra and Metal Slug. Although we live in Modern-era where everything is possible at your fingertips, people are still eager to play classic games to refresh their old memories. Therefore, the development of 2D games is still going on, but with some modern features, cinematic scenes, and detailed graphics. If you are one of those players, you would surely love to play “They Always Run,” scheduled to be released on Oct 20, 2021, for Windows only.



A Blend of Atmospheric and Hack-and-Slash Elements

It takes place in a stunning world where strange creatures have swamped inhabitants since the Empire’s fall. It’s a place where people hope for a hero who could defeat all enemies and their bosses using his fabulous powers and weapons. In short, you have an opportunity to jump and take on enemies to be a hero. The perfect blend of Hack-and-Slash, Atmospheric Puzzle, and Adventure game elements promises to offer you thrilling gameplay when exploring the hand-drawn world from a side-scroll viewpoint.



Be a Bounty Hunter

Your protagonist is a bounty hunter named Aidan who must navigate the galaxy to hunt down the dangerous cutthroats. Throughout the game, your dependency would be on your hack-and-slash skills that can be used to slay enemies quickly. Furthermore, many bounties would be discovered on the journey, rewarding you with in-game money; meanwhile, a few bounties may leave you valuable information you need to find people to rescue the galaxy and bring peace back to the land.




Hunt Criminals and Overcome Hurdles

As mentioned above, you are a hero; so, hunting criminal across the land is your ultimate goal; meanwhile, slaying them into several pieces to claim the reward is mandatory. Using in-game currency, you can upgrade the following things to smash anything that stands in your way.


  • Weapons


  • Equipment


  • Unlock New Abilities


Enjoy a complicated storyline responsible for bringing high-octane gameplay along with several twists and turns.



Show Your Parkour

If you love to be a parkour man, then They Always Run is designed for you. It features Parkour elements, letting you perform amazing parkour tricks like a backflip, long jump, and more. The more you play, the more you learn. This is not the end, as the game also includes a few shooting aspects. You can aim using the laser to shoot enemies when climbing towers or other platforms.


Furthermore, They Always Run is scheduled to be released on Oct 20, 2021, for the PC platform only.




Whether you are a fan of Platformer games or love to play Parkour, the game has almost everything for everyone. Unleash your skills and learn how to perform stunts to reach the end by going through enemies quickly.


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