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They Are Billions – How to Survive The Final Wave!

16 December 2017, Saturday, 22:39:04


How to Survive The Final Wave!

1. Build enough ballistas. In the late game they are cheap since they only cost a few workers, 3 energy, wood and gold. You cant have enough ballistas. (just build them with purpose, wherever the strongest attack will come through).

2. Build double double walls. Your main priority is to keep the hordes away from your first line of towers, as long as your can. A tower can shoot over 5 rows of walls. You cant build more than 2 rows of walls next to each other, so you build 2 double lines of walls. That should keep a final wave busy for some time.

3. Think about fallback lines. A fallen defense line isnt a lost game. Keep all places in mind where your troops can fall back to, and where you can put down another wall to stop the breach.

4. Split your troops equally between defense lines. have at least 1 thanatos at each defense line.

5. Every second watch your defenses. If one spot seems to be holding, pull off all troops from there and send them to more difficult positions. Never let your soldiers idle in the final wave. Put them, where they are needed most.

6. Make difficult desicions. Sometimes you have to sacrifice a part of your colony, so your troops can fall back and rally at a more narrow position. Sometimes half your colony is connected with the other half through only 1 spot. If you are overwelmed, fall back to that spot.

7. Give your defenses priorities. Put rangers and soldiers on “nearest target” and all towers, snipers and mechanical units on highest target. That way the AoE damage units focus the middle of zombie hordes and make use of their AoE and snipers and towers focus the big zombies (harpies, spitters and fatties).

8. Make a final stand at your headquarter. Remember: All zombies have their waypoint at your headquarter. Sometimes half your colony is still standing when you lose. Keep in mind that your headquarter is the only thing, that is really important to defend.



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