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They Are Billions – Mayor Bonus List

12 December 2017, Tuesday, 21:29:19


Mayor Bonus List


Mill: Energy Supply +5 – Kendall Barrows
Sawmill: Wood production +2 – Alyssa Lister
Hunter Cottage: Food supply +3 – Erica Keys
Fisherman Cottage: Food supply +3 – Carmine Piper
Gold reserves: +600, Wood reserves: +10 – Trent Gibbons
Stone reserves: +20 – Normand Keenan
Wood reserves: +30 – Pamela Goodson
Command Center: Gold income +20 – Zachariah Goforth
Command Center: Energy transfer radius +4 – Carey Scholl
Command Center: Food supply: +20 – Mia Strand
Command Center: Energy supply: +20 – Geralda Siler
Command Center: Workers supply: +5 – Dominique Meehan
Grants the research: Research Farms – Jules Nava
Grants the research: Research Cottage – Elvina Dwyer
Grants the research: Research Stakes Trap – Warner Pederson
Grants the research: Research Great Ballista – Laura Pettigrew
Grants the research: TechLookoutTower – Eve Rinaldi
The colony gets: Ranger (2) – Geraldine Ventura
The colony gets: Soldier – Chance Zeigler
The colony gets: Sniper – Fausto Will
The colony gets: Farm – Valentina Thibodeaux
The colony gets: Stakes Trap (10) – Duncan Friend
The colony gets: Wood Wall (10)
The colony gets: Wood Gate – Paula Mount
The colony gets: Wood Tower (2) – Ashley Dahl
The colony gets: Great Ballista – Carrie Burley
The colony gets: Mill – Lyon Seaton
The colony gets: Tesla Tower – Allison Weed
The colony gets: Shocking Tower – Ethel Dumas



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