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They Are Billions – Sniper/Thanatos Strategy Guide

13 January 2018, Saturday, 14:42:04


Sniper/Thanatos Strategy

The Sniper/Thanatos Strategy is heavenly used by a lot of players/streamers because it is very efficient.

First let’s talk about snipers. Snipers in a big group is a unstoppable force who can take out every zombie hordes on the map. For what they do they are really cheap (only 60 gold more than soldiers). They move pretty slow, but make up for that with high damage and a big chunk of life points. It is important to get a lot of these guys to Veteran Status because it doubles their attack speed (and their damage)!



Thanatos is one hell of a defense machine! It’s a mobile defense tower and shoots with his rocket launcher that does massive splash damage and has a huge impact radius. Thanatos excel at holding lines against massive zombie hordes and is generally good against any kind of zombie except harpies.


He kills Harpies nonetheless but he goes into his melee-attack form for this and is wasting a lot of time where he could shoot his rockets. Because of this he should be supported by either some snipers or ballistas (or both). While it’s generally bad to put different types of units together that doesn’t apply for Zombie Waves.


You should start producing Thanatos in mid-game (day 40-50) and get as much as possible until the final wave. They are really good at defending the Zombie Raids that come periodically so getting them in mid-game will help because you because you don’t have to put money into towers (which maybe become useless because you gonna expand or the next Zombie Raid hitting a different side of your colony). You can just move them inside your colony to where they are needed the most. They walk slow though but as long your colony isn’t as big as the map itself they should arrive anywhere just at the right time.


Early Game (Day 1-25):
Normal Build up.
Get 25-40 Rangers and clear surroundings.
Expand your colony.
Start producing Snipers.


Midgame (Day 25-50) : With 5-10 Snipers you can already move out and start attacking deeper parts, but keep them close when you expect a Zombie Raid!


Once you get 15-25 Snipers (depends on infected population setting) you can start clearing Villages of Doom to get that sweet supply boost.
Aim to get around 35-45 Snipers and start clearing the whole map.


From mid to late-game; get a foundry and an engineering center -> research Thanatos. Remember to research and build an Oil Platform first! Even if you have collected oil to this moment you need an “oil upkeep” to produce Thanatos.


Late Game (Day 50-72)
Produce as much Thanatos as possible until the final wave and get 3-5 of them at every choke-point you want to defend. How many depends on how good the rest of the defense is like the amount of towers, snipers and how many layers of walls you have.

Also distribute all your snipers to your defenses (build some towers for higher range) to support Thanatos (and Shocking-Towers)


IMPORTANT: Set every snipers target priority to “highest level”. Therefore the special infected (Spitters in particular) get killed first. Don’t get scared with runners hitting your Snipers once.

If you feel like you will be overruunned from different sides DO NOT pull all Snipers back. Select 2/3 (from the back) -> move them back some meters while the frontline still shoots -> press “H” (set them to hold) -> move frontline back -> repeat.

Do this with alot of pausing to reduce casualties.



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