Thimbleweed Park Game Walkthrough / Solutions and Completion Guide




Open gate
Pick up rock
Use rock on light
Walk right (to sewer entrance)

[As Reyes]
Give polaroid film to Reyes
>> Walk right towards sewer
>> In the bushes about 1/2 way you will get a hotspot “something odd”
>> Pick it up (Chainsaw of Expectation!)

[As Ray]
>> Look at corpse; you’ll get a keycard
Use film in camera
Use camera on corpse
Open gate
Walk to trestle trail
Walk right (to pigeon bros)
Talk to pigeon bros (exit when you can)
Walk right (to town)
>> Pick up bottle on your way
Walk right (to sheriff, pick whatever dialog you want)
Open door to coroner
Talk to coroner (exit when you can)
Use photo of body in FaceTron 3000
Open all drawers on left; one will have the fingerprint kit
Open fingerprint kit
Exit coroner’s office
Go to sheriff’s office
Talk to sheriff (exit when you can)
Open all drawers on left; one will have the fingerprint book
Go back to coroner’s office
Use fingerprint book with FingerTron 3000
[As Ray]
Go outside
Go right to pigeons fixing hydrant
Talk to pigeons; ask how to help (need WC-67 tube, may be random but probably not)
Go to alley to left of diner
Go left to end of alley
Get knocked out
[As Reyes]
>> On the way to the alley, there should be a dime on the ground near the bank. Pick it up
Go to alley
Get Ray’s notebook
Go to B Street (right of diner)
Enter Ricki’s Cakes
Talk to Ricki Lee
“Sounds like an interesting turn of events!”
“I’m looking for a tube” (ask for whatever the Pigeons need)
Exit tube store
Go left to main street
Go left to pigeons
Give tube to pigeons
>> They will give you their card
Go right to town outskirts
Walk to bathroom
Use light switch (left side of door)
Pick up toilet paper
Go back to corpse
Use toilet paper with corpse
>> Go back to the bathroom
>> Use dripping bloody toilet paper with dryer

(At some point Reyes should wonder where Ray is – I think it’s timed to something like 5-10 minutes of gametime – this will allow you to switch to Ray)
[As Ray]
Walk north to tunnel
>> [As Reyes]
>> Walk to Quickie Pal
>> Use dime in sewer grate
>> [As Ray]

Pick up dime
Walk to tunnel
Walk left to tunnel
Walk left to tunnel
Open red box
(Take note of the name on the wall of person to call, it’s random)
[As Reyes]
Walk to B Street
Walk right to red phone book
Use phone book (get # of person to call)
[As Ray]
Use dime in phone
Call #
Go right, sheriff will rescue you
[As Reyes]
Go to Ray
Give Ray’s notebook to Ray
Go to coroner
Use bloody toilet paper in BloodTron 3000
Enter Diner
Talk to Sandy
Ask about murder
Ask about clown
[As Ransome]
Pick up card (from bulletin board)
Pick up note (from bulletin board)
>> Pick up 2nd note, safe combo (from bulletin board)
Pick up poster
>> Look at 2nd note. This will tell you the combination to Ransome’s safe (Trophies, trailers, kids carney has (ask the carney), steps to bed, etc.) It’s random. Use your keen observation skills to figure it out. 😀
Open safe
Pick up money
>> Pick up clown nose off of Ransome doll on bed
Use clown nose
Open door
Go left to circus grounds
Walk to backstage entrance
Pick up swear jar
Pick up hair gel
Pick up makeup
Go left to circus grounds
Go left to Midway
Talk to Carney Joe
“I have your *beeping* money, $1000 plus interest”
Go right to Big Top
Walk to backstage entrance
Walk to stage door
Throw insults until you have the option “Hey you, ugly old lady with the hairy mole!”
[As Reyes]
Go to town outskirts
Go right to vista
Go right to county
(Sheriff stops you, exit when you can)
>> Note that in hard mode you cannot get into the sewer yet. Skip ahead for now.
Walk to sewer entrance (right of corpse)
Walk to tunnel
Walk to north tunnel
Pick up ice pick
Go to A Street
Enter post office
Talk to postman
“I’m a federal agent” (Exit when you can)
Pick up sticky tape
Use fingerprint kit on ice pick
Use sticky tape on ice pick with fingerprints
Go to coroner
Use fingerprint from ice pick in FingerTron 3000
Pick up fingerprint report
>> On hard mode and you skipped over getting the ice pick for now? Continue here.
Go to sheriff’s office
[As Ray]
>> Go to Quickie Pal
>> Give bottle to Leonard

Go to A Street
Go to Nickel News
Use PoliceTron 3000 and note what Natalie wants to hear on scanner (woman outside circus falsely report)
[As Reyes]
Use PoliceTron 3000 in sheriff’s office
“Attention all units”
Report what Natalie wants to hear
[As Ray]
Pick up framed county map
Use county map in CopyTron 3000
>> Use shiny nickel in CopyTron 3000
Pick up county map
Pick up photocopy
Use county map on empty frame
(Give a map to Reyes, Ransome, and Delores whenever you have a chance)
>> On hard, the three additional maps will be at the Quickie Pal after Part Three starts
Walk to vista
Walk to county
“I have an ‘official’ map right here.”


Walk to circus
Open gates
Exhaust all talk options
[As Ransome]
Open microwave
Pick up poster
Open safe
Pick up book
Pick up pages (each of them)
>> One page will float off – we’ll get it back soon
Use pages (each of them) in joke book
Look at mirror
>> Pick up comic book (by bed)
>> Pick up postal notice (from bulletin board)
>> Open refrigerator
>> Pick up moldy cheese

Walk to door
Walk to circus grounds
Pick up popcorn bag (left, near popcorn stand)
>> In hard mode, you cannot pick up the popcorn yourself
>> Walk to Big Top entrance
>> Watch which hole the mouse goes in and out of
>> Use moldy cheese on hole (whichever one is the mouse’s)
>> Exit and re-enter Big Top
>> Use popcorn bag with pile of popcorn

Pick up popcorn until you have a full bag
Walk to trailer
Use full popcorn bag in hamster
Walk to circus grounds
Walk (right) to exit
Get a map from Ray before you go
Go to A street (don’t forget to use the map from now on!)
>> Enter post office
>> Give attempted delivery notice to Postal Worker (George)
>> Open package

Give wallet to Willie
Give bloody wallet to Reyes
[As Ray]
Go to hotel
Enter hotel
[As Franklin]
Go right to kid
Push boombox
Talk to kid
“What’s that jacket you’re wearing”
“What’s that on your face?”
“What’s on your feet?”
>> “What’s with all the latest and greatest?”
“What if I said you didn’t have the latest and greatest stuff?”
“Your glasses are not the latest and greatest”
“I would totally know what was latest and greatest”
“I know this gnarly dude who…”
“was on MTV and…”
“tells me what’s wicked and what’ll gag me with a spoon.”
Push boombox
Give one of the teddy bears to kid
“I’ll trade you the bear for your glasses. No faking.”
Use nose glasses
Talk to Manager
“I’d like to check in”
>> On hard, you can’t photocopy just yet as he’s out of paper
“I need to get something photocopied”
“This prospectus document”
Use elevator to go to whichever floor your room is on
Use keycard on room door
>> Pick up stationary
Go to 10th floor (the manager mentions the level under renovations; may be random, but probably not)
Pick up standard room example photo
>> Go to 3 of the rooms on this floor and take their stationary. You should have 4 total.
>> Go to the lobby
>> Talk to manager
>> “Do you do photocopying here?”
>> “I have some stationary…”
>> “This prospectus document”

Go to your room
Use chewed, sticky bubble gum with HotelTron 3000
Use standard room photo with HotelTron 3000
Use telephone
[As Ray]
Go to corpse’s room (check the keycard you got from the corpse; Reyes may have it if you’re following along in casual)
Use light switch
Pick up passport
Go to lobby
Try to exit hotel
Talk to Manager
“Do you know what happened to Franklin Edmund?”
Go to Franklin’s room
Exit Franklin’s room
[As Franklin]
Go to elevator; zap elevator call button
Go to lobby
Chill drinking fountain (while boy is drinking from it)
[As Ray]
>> Use drinking fountain or be near it
>> While Ray is there, have Franklin splash or chill the fountain

Give passport to Reyes (I’ve designated him as the official keeper of the Tron reports)
[As Reyes]
Use wallet in BloodTron 3000
Pick up blood report
Use passport in FaceTron 3000
Pick up identity report
Go to sheriff’s office
Look at suspiciously missing tube (on top of ArrestTron 3000)
[As Ray]
Go to bus station
Talk to lady of the evening
“Do you know anything about the body by the river?”
“Tell me who you think is connected to the body”
“Spill the beans trust fund Barbie!”
“Pirate?” (or any choice)
[As Delores]
Open door
Walk to hall
Walk to door
Walk towards mailbox
Look at computer magazine
>> Pick up wood pile
>> Pick up gas can

Go back to your room
Use computer
(Enter name, doesn’t matter which)
(Enter address, doesn’t matter which)
(Enter language of choice, doesn’t matter which)
>> “I’ll get back to you on this… pause application.”
>> Go to library (door in middle landing of staircase)
>> Use IndexTron 3000 – you need a book in section 3.1

(Doorbell should ring)
Open front door (get letter)
>> Go into kitchen (door on 1st floor)
>> Open top left cupboard
>> Pick up glass
>> Use glass with sink
>> Open refrigerator
>> Pick up broken bottles of ketchup
>> Pick up hot sauce
>> Open microwave
>> Use glass of water in microwave
>> Use letter in microwave
>> Use microwave
>> (wait for the ding)
>> Open microwave
>> Pick up letter (will get stamps too)
>> Walk to door
>> Use firewood in fireplace
>> Look at hot sauce
>> Use hot sauce (be near the fireplace)
>> Enter and exit kitchen
>> Pick up fireplace soot
>> Enter library
>> Pick up “out of order” sign
>> Walk to staircase, go to section 3.1 (far left)
>> Pick up “MMucas Programming Primer”
>> Look at MMucas Programming Primer and take note/screenshot/etc of the details
>> Go to your room
>> Use computer
>> Answer the questions correctly by using the book

Go to upstairs hall
Go all the way to the rightmost door, open door
Give letter to Chuck (not really necessary)
Pick up ink bottle
>> Use fine black soot in empty ink bottle
>> Use gas can with ink bottle with soot

Go to your room
Use ink bottle in PrintTron 3000
Use computer
Pick up letter
>> Use stamps on letter
Use letter in mailbox
Go to your room
Open letter (3x)
Go to Chuck’s room
Talk to Chuck
“Uncle Chuck! I got a job offer from MMucasFlem to make games!”
[As Ray]
Go to Edmund Mansion mansion
Open front door
(Pick anything)
[As Delores]
Open door at middle of stairs (Library)
Talk to Lenore
Go to your room
Look at the ASCII chart
>> Pick up trophy
>> Pick up Susiboy’s red gel decoder

Go to Chuck’s room
Use light switch
>> Pick up receipt
Pick up journal, read it all (may not be required)
Pick up AT-25 ArrestTron tube (center of room near brain diagram)
>> Open check register
>> Pick up check stub
>> Push painting
>> Pick up key
>> In entryway, pick up soot from fireplace

Go outside, get map from Ray
>> Pick up gas can
>> Go to B Street
>> Enter tube shop
>> Talk to Ricki Lee
>> “Here’s an old receipt. Know anything about tube pullers?”

Go to sheriff’s office
Use AT-25 ArrestTron tube in suspiciously missing tube
>> Give gas can to Reyes
[As Reyes]
>> (Now we need to get the murder weapon. Since you’re on Hard mode, it’s… well… harder.)
>> Go to bridge, then sewer entrance (blocked by tree)
>> Use gas can with Chainsaw of Expectation
>> Use Chainsaw of Expectation on old tree
>> Walk to sewer entrance
>> Use light box
>> Use light switch
>> Walk to tunnel
>> Walk to tunnel (all the way to the right!)
>> You should be on “Main St”
>> Enter first tunnel. You should now be on “A St”
>> Enter first tunnel on right
>> Walk to tunnel
>> Walk to tunnel (on right)
>> Enter the first tunnel you see
>> Pick up ice pick
>> Head back to the courthouse. Have Ray give you the fingerprint kit.
>> Go to A Street
>> Enter post office
>> Talk to postman
>> “I’m a federal agent” (Exit when you can)
>> Pick up sticky tape
>> Use fingerprint kit on ice pick
>> Use sticky tape on ice pick with fingerprints
>> Go to coroner
>> Use fingerprint from ice pick in FingerTron 3000
>> Pick up fingerprint report

Use fingerprint report in ArrestTron 3000
Use blood report in ArrestTron 3000
Use identity report in ArrestTron 3000
(Choose talk options however you’d like)


(Switch between Ransome, Delores, and Franklin – they will all get updated objectives)
(ThimbleCon ’87 is now open in the hotel)
[As Delores]
Try to enter ThimbleCon ’87
“How can I get a ticket?”
Go to factory
Look at padlock
Go outside diner
Talk to Chet
He’ll leave after chatting
>> On hard, he’ll ask for your name at some point and freak out, dropping a coupon
>> Pick up the pizza flyer

Enter diner (should get a “Meanwhile” which switches you to Ray – may be timed or tied to talking to Chet)
>> [As Delores] Go to the circus, then outside of Ransome’s trailer, near the stairs
>> [As Ransome]
>> Go to the circus, then outside of Ransome’s trailer
>> Push the trampoline as far to the left as it will go
>> Walk to the top of the trailer on the right, near it’s door
>> Use trampoline
>> While jumping, click on the joke page
>> Use page in joke book

[As Ray]
Use telephone
Open door
[As Reyes]
Use telephone
Open door
(Choose talk options however you’d like)
Open package
[As Ray]
Open package
Go to B Street
Look at phone book
Get # of KSCUM Radio (may be random – mine was 7286)
>> [As Delores]
>> Go to the back outside of the radio station
>> Use tube puller on vacuum tube
>> [As Ray]

Enter diner
Use radio
>> [As Delores]
>> Use vacuum tube in PhoneTron 3000
>> [As Ray]

Use cell phone
Answer trivia questions correctly (look ’em up if you need to)
Go to hotel
Talk to manager
“There should be some ThimbleCon tickets in my name”
(You can say the name you used – but it doesn’t really matter)
Talk to dragon guarding ThimbleCon
“Here’s my ticket.”
[As Delores]
>> Go to the bank
>> Give check stub to Mr. El Paulo

Enter ThimbleCon
Talk to Brant (lawyer, next to door)
“I need you to read Uncle Chuck’s will”
>> Or on Hard, “I have a cancelled check for you.”
Go to Edmund Mansion mansion
Go to library
Look at will
Talk to Brant
>> On hard, you will not have the pie. We’ll get it soon.
“Here’s the pie” (or similar wording)
Go to your room
Pick up Graphics BASIC
Use Graphics BASIC in computer
Use will with computer with Graphics BASIC
>> Go to A street and the Nickel News
>> Find the article titled “CHUCK EDMUND WINS $1,000,000 IN QUICKIE PAL LOTTO…” and look at it. Note his lucky number (random – mine was 19)
>> Back to your room in the mansion!
>> Use will with computer again
>> Select Chuck’s lucky number via the dialog

Go to library
Give will to Brant
>> [As Franklin]
>> Enter the elevator. Clara will want to talk. She’s hungry.
>> Enter ThimbleCon
>> Talk to Vergil
>> “Can I have some… you know… cake?”
>> “How about… Clara said she wants some.. you know… cake?”
>> “See you soon, Vergil”
>> Go to the elevator
>> Chill ghost cake
>> Talk to Clara
>> “Would you like this… you know… i-scream ghost cake?”
>> Ask Clara what she does in her free time. It’s random. Mine was Hospital Hijinx
>> “Can I… you know… go to the penthouse now?”
>> Go to the 10th (renovation) floor
>> Zap the TV on the floor until it’s on the program Clara likes
>> Zap elevator call button
>> Clara will abandon her post
>> [As Delores]
>> Go to the cemetery and walk all the way to the right to Chuck’s tomb
>> Pick up flowers
>> Go to A Street
>> Go all the way right and enter the Occult Book store
>> Push cursed ladder
>> Walk all the way to the top of the ladder
>> Pick up cursed book

Go to hotel
Use elevator to go to penthouse
Open secret entrance
>> Use Book of the Dead on podium
>> Use flower on Book of the Dead

[As Franklin]
Go up to penthouse, through now-open secret entrance
>> Talk to Book of the Dead
Float to portal
Float to tomb door
Zap switch
>> Time for that thimbleberry pie:
>> [As Delores]
>> Go to the tube store
>> Talk to Ricki Lee
>> “Ricki, you make such great thimbleberry pie. Can I get one?”
>> “There must be some somewhere!”
>> You’ll get some gloves
>> Go to the trailhead
>> Go right into the spooky forest
>> Wander around for 4-5 screens until you get to one with a thimbleberry bush in it
>> Use gloves with thimbleberries
>> Exit the forest via any path
>> Go back to the tube store
>> Talk to Ricki Lee
>> “I have the thimbleberries! Can you please make the pie?”
>> Go to the mansion library
>> Give thimbleberry pie to Brant

(Nothing to do here – watch and enjoy!)

(The bank manager is now in the bank)
[As anyone]
Go to B Street
Look at phone book
Get # of Safely First Bank (it is random – mine was 2371)
Go to bank
Get next to bank manager
[As Franklin]
Go to any guest room in the hotel
Zap telephone
Call Safely First Bank
(Pick anything)
[As whoever is in the bank]
Pick up factory key
Go to factory
Use factory key in padlock and chain
Walk to factory
Walk to archway
Go left, enter door
>> Pick up the papers on the floor
Pick up handbook
Look at handbook
Take note of # to call for time info (it is random – mine was 2258)
>> [As Delores]
>> Give the trophy to Ransome
>> [As Ransome]
>> Go to the factory
>> Go to archway
>> Use trophy with radioactive waste
>> Go to trailhead
>> Use radioactive waste with puddle

[For each non-dead character, 4x]
Go to diner
Pick up hot dog
(Ransome’s and Delores’ dialogs are slightly different – but you’ll get to ask for a hot dog at some point)
[As Reyes, after all the hot dogs are eaten]
“I’d like to order some food”
(Order the hamburger)
Go to ThimbleCon
Talk to Sexy Riker
“How do you make the ships so small?”
Give hamburger to Sexy Riker
>> [As Franklin]
>> Watch the elevator and which floor it stops at (might be random – mine was 9)
>> Call the elevator and go to that floor
>> One of the doors will be open and Sexy Riker will come out
>> [As Reyes]
>> Call the elevator and go to Riker’s floor
>> [As Franklin]
>> Zap Riker’s door
>> [As Reyes]
>> Walk in Riker’s room

Pick up jeweler’s tools
Go to Sheriff’s office
Talk to Willie
Exhaust all options (make sure you find out Willie repairs watches)
Give watch to Willie
(Pick whatever choices you want)
Give jeweler’s tools to Willie
(Pick whatever choices you want)
>> Willie needs some different tunes to work
>> [As Ransome]
>> Go to Thimblecon
>> Give comic book to Ken Thien
>> Go all the way to the right and enter the door (Ransome lookalike contest)
>> (Your choices don’t matter here; you’ll end up with a theremin record)
>> Go to the radio station
>> [As Delores]
>> Go to the radio station
>> [As Ransome]
>> Give the record to Delores
>> Walk to radio tower (far right)
>> Walk to ladder
>> Pull lever
>> [As Delores]
>> Enter the radio station and the inner DJ booth
>> Use record on left turntable
>> Pull lever
>> [As Reyes]

Give watch to Willie
>> Another Hard Mode diversion:
>> [As Franklin]
>> Wait for the Manager to say “I wonder what the guest is up to now…” and he walks to the computer
>> Look at computer and note the guest’s room number (random – mine was 602)
>> Go to the guest’s room
>> Scare the guy. Zap the tv, lights, radio, etc.
>> The Manager will call Acme Maintenance for assistance – but they’re busy!
>> [As Reyes]
>> (If you’re following along, he’ll have what we need)
>> Go to the hotel
>> Give the Pigeon Bros business card to Manager
>> [As Franklin]
>> Scare the poor guy again
>> The Manager will call in the Ghostbus… err… Pigeon Bros
>> [As Reyes]
>> Go to the guy’s room
>> Pick up the wrench

Go to factory
>> Go to archway, then right
>> Use wrench on restraining bolt
>> Pick up battery
>> Go to trailhead
>> Follow the glowing footprints to the fence
>> Use truck battery with electric fence
>> Go to factory
>> Use truck battery with electric truck
>> Use wrench on restraining bolt

Go to time clock station 1 (left of screen, near big locked door)
[As Ray]
Use cellphone
Call the factory security line #
Make note of the time. It is random.
[As Reyes]
Use pocket watch in time clock 1
Set the time to whatever the security line told you to (right knob is min, top knob is hour)
Use pocket watch in time clock 2 (to right of time clock 1, near entrance)
Set the time to the previous station time + 5 minutes (click the right knob once)
Walk to archway
Go left
Use pocket watch in time clock 3
Set the time to the previous station time + 5 minutes (click the right knob once)
Go right
Push lever (on big machine)
Use pocket watch in time clock 4
Set the time to the previous station time + 5 minutes (click the right knob once)
Walk to archway
>> [As Delores]
>> Go to B Street and the tube store
>> Give PillowTronics T-shirt to Ricki Lee
>> Go to factory
>> Use PF-001 tube in tube socket (above the DoorTron 3000)
>> [As Reyes]

Push red button
Pull big doors
[As Ray]
Go to factory
Pull big doors
[As Ransome]
Go to factory
Pull big doors
[As Delores]
Walk to big doors

Walk to lower level
Walk to corridor
>> SR-01 robots are in your way!
>> Open the panel to the left of the door
>> Look at the control panel
>> Go to the mansion library
>> Use IndexTron 3000
>> Go to Section 2.1 (section directly above the IndexTron)
>> Look at “Programming the SR-01”
>> Go back to the factory and make your way to the SR-01 control panel
>> Place the red, green, and blue jumpers in the places indicated by the book

Walk to corridor (4x)
>> Open the door marked “Exit” for easy access
Walk to door with calendar near it
>> Use key (found behind the painting in Chuck’s room, remember?) in door
>> Pick up glass

Pick up journal; read it for fun
Pick up hat
Pick up floppy disk
>> On hard, there is no disk. We’ve got some work to do.
>> [As Ransome]
>> Go to the seckrit bunker (use the map so you don’t have to go through the forest again)
>> Use keypad
>> Enter the (randomized) code found on the pizza flyer
>> Open van door and get in
>> Go left and listen to the meeting
>> Pick up goodie bag
>> Open goodie bag
>> Go to the factory and walk to the office that Delores is in
>> Open foil-wrapped brick
>> Give hint book to Delores
>> Give aluminum foil to Delores
>> Give the floppy disk to Delores

Use floppy disk in terminal
>> Now we need Chuck’s password.
>> Give the soot to Reyes
>> Give the glass to Reyes
>> [As Reyes]
>> Use the soot in the fingerprint kit
>> Use fingerprint kit on glass
>> Go to A Street, then the post office
>> Pick up sticky tape
>> Use sticky tape on glass with fingerprints
>> Give fingerprint to Delores
>> [As Delores]
>> Go to Chuck’s room in the mansion
>> Use fingerprint on FingerprintReaderTron 3000
>> Pick up book
>> Look at book (you’ll get the terminal password)
>> Go to the factory and enter the office
>> Use Susiboy’s red gel decoder with hint book (you now know the debug word)

Use computer terminal
>> Select Chuck’s password
“Hard reboot”
>> There is no hard reboot option. Instead, shall we play a game?
>> Select “Adventure (Chuck mod)”
>> “Go west”
>> “Go west”
>> “Go north”
>> “Say fizzscumm”
Exit office
Go to blast door, try to open it, it will explode
>> It won’t explode by itself
>> [As Ransome]
>> Use C4 on locking mechanism
>> Use candy dispenser on C4
>> [As Delores]

Walk to stairs
Walk to corridor (Certain Death should be off – if not, reboot again)
Make sure the death arms are off by pushing the button at the end
>> Use aluminum foil on hat
Use hat
Walk right to door
Look at sign, note the random service # – mine was 4424
[As Franklin]
Go to a guest room
Zap phone
Call the fan service #
[As Delores]
Walk to Sekrit Room
[As Franklin]
Zap phone
Call the fan service # again
[As Delores]
Walk to trap door
[As Ray]
Walk to trap door
Use strange tool on slot
[As Delores]
Walk into PillowTron 3000
Push big tube (7x)
(Make whatever dialog choices you want)
[As Ray]
Go to ThimbleCon
Give Game of the Year award to Gary Winnick
Pick up puzzle dependency chart[As Reyes]
Go to A Street
Go to Nickel News
Give Chuck’s confession to Natalie
(Make whatever dialog choices you want)[As Ransome]
Go to the diner
Give I’m-sorry-for-being-a-♥♥♥♥ card to Sandy
(Make whatever dialog choices you want)[As Franklin]
Go to penthouse
Talk to Xavier
“You’re a bully and a tyrant!”
(Make whatever dialog choices you want)
Go to secret room
[As Delores]
Go to penthouse
Go to secret room
[As Franklin]
Talk to Delores
(Make whatever dialog choices you want)[As Delores]
Go to the corpse by the bridge (yes, he’s still there!)
Use balloon animal with corpse
(Explore the wireframes all you’d like, then continue – nothing is going to stop you; even the moving fan and lasers!)
Go to abandoned factory
Open gate
Walk to factory
Walk to big doors
Walk to 2nd door on right
Walk to blast door
Walk to door
Walk to door
Walk to huge fan
Walk to opening
Push PT-109 wireframe tube (12x – last one needs multiple pushes for Delores to do it)
Enjoy the credits!

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