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This Is the Police 2 – Alcoholism

7 August 2018, Tuesday, 10:29:57


Law enforcement is stressful, especially when your whole police force is drunk.



Now, there are two traits here. An officer with ONE mug of beer on his portrait is drunk. A drunk officer has a high chance of wrecking his vehicle today, and should not be sent on any calls, as he is currently a danger to himself and others. You can’t use officers that are in the hospital, and a dead officer is even worse. Drunkenness is TEMPORARY. He should be fine tomorrow.



An officer with TWO mugs of beer on his portrait is an alcoholic. He will report for duty drunk EVERY day. I think this may be a broken mechanic. In Freeburg, police officers couldn’t afford to buy a bottle of whiskey for their morning commute every day, and only occasionally reported for duty while intoxicated. These guys are nearly useless for a considerable portion of the game. The only safe use for these guys is to send them on investigations. For some reason, detectives don’t drive.



An officer can start with the alcoholism trait, or acquire it on rare occasion. Officers rarely get drunk, and usually wind up drinking on duty because of plot events you decide.



Eventually, you can buy an alcoholism treatment, if you’ve made the right friends. I think it costs $780 to lock one officer in a cask of wine vinegar for a few hours. Whether or not the ‘treatment’ works seems to be random. Keep sending them until they realize sobriety is better than vinegar-based torture. Good officers are worth several attempts. (Persy isn’t.) Make sure the officer you send as driver is sober, or you could have two officers die on duty.



The following is a list of known alcoholics. Redundant, since their portraits immediately identify them, but included anyway.


  • -Muradyan


  • -Belmont (like Belmont Beverage, the liquor store)


  • -Stockmann (high starting stats, worth the investment)


  • -Goodwin


  • -Plainview


  • -Halless (thinks he’s a cowboy)


  • -Persey (Persey…)


  • -Adkins (high starting stats, worth the investment)


  • -Springer (guy looks like a bloodhound)


  • -Chapman



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